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  1. Ulfkarl

    Vlandian sergeant troop needs some love

    I mostly play captain mode and I notice how bad sergeants are, they get destroyed by anything, their mace has too low damage it does like 20 damage to other heavy infantry, while oaths have better maces and better armor, khuzait spear infantry has super OP maces that 2 shot sergeants, varyags...
  2. Ulfkarl

    Fix your trash servers

    All matches are crashing it is impossible to play, 30 minutes waiting for a match because NA is dead and divided and when finally a match starts server crashes. Stop being lazy devs
  3. Ulfkarl

    [Captain mode] Non cav classes shouldn't be able to mount on horses.

    I can't believe you made me create this post, I had hope you would fix this by now, but I had no choice. Horse archers are not viable right now because any shock troop or inf troop can grab a random horse and wipe out all your troop so EZ with one shot, same with cavalry in general, or even...
  4. Ulfkarl

    NA multiplayer is dead now

    With the new change no one wanted the NA multiplayer is divided, there were barely any players before to start a captain mode match, now we can't start a single match because "1 player looking in your criteria". At least give us the option to select both regions. RIP
  5. Ulfkarl

    Visual/aesthetic mods or sound improvement mods for multiplayer?

    Why is no one making compatible mods for multiplayer? I really would love to improve the visuals of my game but I only play multiplayer.
  6. Ulfkarl

    Captain mode is going in the wrong direction

    Every update they make, they reduce numbers in troops, we will end up with 10 troops at this point, we need massive battles, thats why you took 10 years making your new engine? for making boring battles of 20 vs 20 soldiers? we want 100 vs 100 or more. If a troop is too OP, instead of reducing...
  7. Ulfkarl

    [Captain mode] Archers have no counter

    Current version of the game e1.5.5 archers in captain mode have no counter, people are just spamming them, not even cav can do anything against them, before it was shield infantry the perfect counter for archers but now they are worthless, slower than a snail, they are in a sad spot right now. I...
  8. Ulfkarl

    Game doesn't work

    I will have to go back to mordhau, taleworlds doesn't lnow how to develop a multiplayer game, matchmaking is not the way to do it, we need servers all the morning I am waiting to join a game in NA multiplayer matchmaking and it doesnt work, I just keep waiting forever. Bye call me when you can...
  9. Ulfkarl

    There is no freedom in MP

    Come on Taleworlds, remove matchmaking and allow us to have our own dedicated servers with no limitation in players for example captain mode is 6 vs 6 only? why? if I have a server with slot for 100 players and I want a captain mode I should be able to do 50 vs 50 and change mode whenever I...
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