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  1. Vissy

    Match Preview - Belgium & Netherlands vs. Germany

    Match Preview: Belgium & Netherlands vs. Germany Sunday will see the last three of the four quarter final matches played, and this one could well be the most high-profile match of the bunch. BeNe faces Germany in a match that, if nothing else, will surely provide us with top-class players...
  2. Vissy

    Match Preview - Belgium & Netherlands vs. France

    Match Preview: Belgium & Netherlands vs. France Greetings, dear Warbanders, and welcome to another edition of the NC2016 Match Previews. In my first preview of NC2016, I am taking a look at one of the most intriguing matches of Week 3: last year’s runner-up Belgium & Netherlands against...
  3. Vissy

    Continue The Story

    I haven't seen a topic like this before here... so here you go. Rules of the game are simple: - You continue the story the guy before you wrote. - It has to make sense, e.g no time traveling, no teleporting, no random stuff and no character godliness. - Try to keep the story interesting. - At...
  4. Vissy

    An extremely odd and annoying bug.

    Basically when I started up the game, I noticed this when entering the multiplayer: Then on the server screen: Then ingame...
  5. Vissy

    Troll Admins

    Recently there's been A LOT of troll admining. Just now an admin called "New_Player" started banning people randomly and changing maps during a linebattle on the MM_Train_2 server. I request this admin be permabanned from the whole MM community for the rest of his life(you can find out who he...
  6. Vissy

    Fun duels and serious duels?

    I've had this idea for a while, and it has developed while playing on the Nditions_Duel and Swadian_Duel servers. It is an idea of what is a "fun" duel and which duel isn't fun. First off, let me clarify: this is not a ragequitter's testimony or anything of the sorts. I'm a fairly good...
  7. Vissy

    Crashing immediately after joining a server.

    Hello. I just recently ran a complete reinstall of Win7, and installed WB. It worked fine for the first 2 days, but then it began crashing immediately after joining a server. I have read 10+ threads about this problem, and none of the fixes have worked. It is version 1.143, too. My rgl.log...
  8. Vissy


    Suicide is a very horrible thing. But it interests the humans. I'll try to explain my thoughts here. First, we have to think of naturality of suicide. Only humans do it. Humans can feel more than animals, though..or can they? Can humans feel more than, say, a tiger? Is a human's grief worse...
  9. Vissy

    Vraal's Unnamed Book - a novel writing project.

    Hello guys! :D Basically my friend began writing a fantasy novel, and I with some guys decided to help him with it. Now it has just begun, we have created some lore and background for the novel, but it's nowhere yet finished. If you want to help, you can help with: - Generating ideas by...
  10. Vissy

    What monster have I created?

    So... I came across this... my God, the Empire is going to rule Pendor... and it's going to be my fault  :cry:
  11. Vissy

    Question about troops

    If you'd have 100 hero adventurers/100 order knights, would that pretty much tear down any opposition?
  12. Vissy

    Swadian troop tree bugged.

    Swadian troop tree is bugged. The game crashes every time you want to upgrade swadian troops. No error messages. Basically, i upgraded from Swadian footman to man-at-arms: crashed to desktop.
  13. Vissy

    The Occult hath striken...seriously, it cannot.

    Yeah, so i decided to do some crazy things.. add a faction :lol: It failed horribly, obviously, so i put all the backup files back there(i had backuped all files i edited) And now it says "RGL ERROR - Invalid number of troops - 994" My troops number is 990.
  14. Vissy

    Modding question

    I've decided to do some little modding here. I've decided to add a faction, a minor faction in the game, it's gonna he Half-Elves, lol. I've got the items ready for the faction, they're going to be like elves, just a bit stronger and fewer in numbers. QUESTIONS - How can i add troops to the...
  15. Vissy

    Modding question

    I've decided to do some little modding here. I've decided to add a faction, a minor faction in the game, it's gonna he Half-Elves, lol. I've got the items ready for the faction, they're going to be like elves, just a bit stronger and fewer in numbers. EDIT - oops, yeah heres the questions...
  16. Vissy

    Tournament Bug

    I was playing a tournament in Rane with the newest 3.411 version of PoP, and i surprisingly won the tournament. I had changed some tournament bet amounts with tweakmb, but otherwise left it untouched. When i won and pressed continue, the game instantly quitted to desktop with message : "obcode...
  17. Vissy

    Damn bug.

    I can't leave the hidden mines of Al-Aziz. Both NPCs in it just end the conversation immediately and when i press tab, it says "you cannot leave now." Is this a game breaker bug?
  18. Vissy

    About companion vassals

    I've heard that for example Lethaldiran gets noldor troops, Frederick gets Mettenheim troops. But so far just sarleon footfaces. Could any helpful soul out there help me out a bit?
  19. Vissy

    WFaS: The Thing Everyone Will Rage Quit From.

    Basicly i had been playing for a real long time and i was starting to grow strong, i had an army of about 60 elite troops, and i was a vassal of the Kingdom of Sweden. I had been busting my ass with all kinds of tedious tasks like running letters for 30 thaler and running cattle and many...
  20. Vissy

    About 3.41

    Yes, i've heard lots of bugs about this. So far, i'm thinking that i just skip this patch and take the next one if it has less bugs, because to me the 3.302 is just much better, no bugs almost whatsoever at all and it's still the same as 3.41. What do you think?
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