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  1. xenoargh

    I sure hope Gamescon 2019 is an improvement...

    I actually don't care about the town scenes, etc. probably as much as most players.

    But... that alone says, "nope, we didn't put in a solution to auto-generate navmeshes and we're doing it by hand again"  :facepalm:

    I don't care about the Companions; again, that may be done or not done, depending on whether the voice-work's done yet, animations, etc., etc., etc.

    I care about the Sieges only insofar as they have one working that shows some new features.  What has been seen thus far... felt kind of staged and it wasn't feeling much less static than Warband.

    What I want to see, honestly, is a 500-troop fight, with layers of mixed arms at least looking right, at a playable framerate.  Not these tiny little fights where a few cavalry show up and you can literally see the framerates tank.

    Crafting?  Is this Minecraft now?  -->everybody starts flaming me now, lol

    [EDIT]I still have zero idea what the above poster's referring to.  Did somebody make a Blood and Steel mobile game and make millions while I was away from here?  If so... well, good on them, I guess.  But it wasn't me![/EDIT]
  2. xenoargh

    I sure hope Gamescon 2019 is an improvement...

    I don't do mobile games.  I think you've got me confused with somebody else  :lol:

    And no, the blogs weren't convincing. 
    There were a lot of things a developer wants to see:
    API documentation; everything from, "hello world" to "AI creation" and "Where is the economic code that you'll be wanting to rip out".  I'm expecting it'll be a lot like Warband:  giant piles of C#, little to no proper documentation, hardcoded Gotcha stuff, etc. 

    I'm just hoping it's all a little more professional this time, with documentation of function calls, gamecode properly documented where needbe, and an API that allows for access to the deepest parts of the game, so that modders can, say, build a Zombie-hunting mod, where the player collects "survivors" and scours the Toxic Wastelands; no economy at all past bartering, powerful tools for storytelling, etc..  I'm not holding my breath on that.

    Content workflow that covers mesh imports, material creation, rigging and asset assignment (i.e., the coding process to get your rigged armor into a game in a reasonable timeframe, explained well)

    Map development, both macro and micro (i.e., the overworld and the battle / FPS scenes).  Warband's in-house tools were... OK in some places, pretty poorly designed in others, and the tool crashed a lot.

    Profiling tools for scene analysis, code performance, combat analysis (i.e., why is my newly-coded C# combat mechanic causing spikes?  Why are framerates bottoming out when we look at this group of trees?  Why is the AI pathfinding here, but not there?)

    Material development; just saying, "Hey, it's PBR now" is not relevant.  Modders will want to develop custom shaders, for example- some standardized PBR shader simply won't do.  What is the pipeline and how do we utilize the API to make it happen?

    UI development:  most of what makes mods special is user interfaces.  Warband actually had a pretty amazing UI system; what it lacked was any sort of good design tools, to build UIs swiftly and efficiently and test on the fly.

    The list there goes on and on.  They initially promised something that's kind of like Unity, but with a specific focus; C# development cycles and built-in toolsets, freedom to design animations, new character types, weapons, etc., etc., not all of the hard-coded limitations of the previous engine.  Details are pretty lacking, though, which is scary at this point; they should have solid tools by now.
  3. xenoargh

    I sure hope Gamescon 2019 is an improvement...

    No, seriously, I'm just kind of annoyed at this point, watching all of the pre-release footage that's available.  None of the stuff up to now looks like a game I want to buy yet :roll: -->back to the usual fanboi stuff, or flaming me, or whatever.  Honestly, I was planning to mod this thing...
  4. xenoargh

    SP Native [WB] Blood and Steel 2.0

    Hey, it's cool, sometimes this stuff just happens.  It's just a bummer, the rest of it was working really well was moderately buggy  :lol:
  5. xenoargh

    SP Native [WB] Blood and Steel 2.0

    I still haven't found out whatever's causing the reflection maps to render to black, folks.  I think this is indefinitely delayed; at the moment, the only solution appears to be nuking all of my work on shaders and materials and starting over, which would take months, and I'm working on a video game of my own now :smile:
  6. xenoargh

    SP Native [WB] Blood and Steel 2.0

    Honestly, I'd love to be able to push this out as it is... other than the reflections not working and water looking pretty terrible :dead:

    IDK... maybe I'll just make all the Scenes not have water until I get that figured out, lol.
  7. xenoargh

    SP Native [WB] Blood and Steel 2.0

    Hey, everybody.  I've hit a major engine-related roadblock with the project.  I'll let you know if it gets resolved and I can move forward again.  Meanwhile... I built what I thought was the best grass we've ever had.  I finally tackled that issue and I was really happy with it.

    To be really honest, I don't feel like showing screens or anything until the major issues get resolved; the problem's large-enough that I don't think I can release the Alpha any time soon.  That's a bummer; I was about 75% feature-complete on the major things and the main loop's playable, if unfinished.
  8. xenoargh

    64-bit for Windows, when?

    I mean... we're obviously going to see 64-bit for Linux / Mac OS.  That's been announced. When for Windows?  This is kind of a Major Big Deal for modders, especially if the core memory limitations are finally addressed and the game can make use of larger memory amounts for the vertex buffers...
  9. xenoargh

    Map Sky Rendering and ReflectionTextureSampler

    Hmm.  Hit another dead end.

    The issue here's straightforward; whatever the reflection-rendering process is, it's simply not working right now.

    Maybe the issue here is that this has been broken by the latest engine update; it's pretty clear that TW's moving to a GLSL-only setup, and maybe reflection rendering's been moved, but not the rest?  That might explain why it's not broken in Native, maybe.
  10. xenoargh

    Map Sky Rendering and ReflectionTextureSampler

    Hmm.  I'll look at that.  I'd sure like some sort of solution; this is, honestly, rather puzzling; seems like it should've broken everything, but nope, we're fine, other than not working as it's supposed to.
  11. xenoargh

    Map Sky Rendering and ReflectionTextureSampler

    Nothing changes, either way; the output's still black.

    I'll try testing this out on a simple sphere mesh, just to make sure that it's not doing something odd in projection.
  12. xenoargh

    Map Sky Rendering and ReflectionTextureSampler

    I just tried transmogrifying the UVs.  Nothing doing there, so yeah, your theory's correct; the UVs don't matter at all.

    So the puzzle is... what's preventing it or anything else from being drawn to the reflection pass?  There must be something pretty simple that's Do Not Pass Go here.
  13. xenoargh

    Map Sky Rendering and ReflectionTextureSampler

    Well... the issue here is that it's drawing in the main pass... but not in the reflection pass.  (in Scenes... not the World Map)

  14. xenoargh

    Map Sky Rendering and ReflectionTextureSampler

    Hmm.  The UVs on the TW ones are surely too, er, sloppy to be being used for some fancy reflection-map stuff, though?  I mean, the UVs are a little odd... basically just a cylindrical projection map, with off-center UVs.  So, IDK. I'll test this theory out, though I'm somewhat dubious.

    The other possibility is that, when a skybox is rendered for simple reflections, it's rendered using a different shader than normal- probably one of the simplest diffuse ones.  Hmm.
  15. xenoargh

    Map Sky Rendering and ReflectionTextureSampler

    All of the skyboxes are... using custom spheres... oh, snap, they aren't UV'd in the same way as the TW ones...

    Oh, snap... if this is the problem, I'm going to kick myself, lol. 
  16. xenoargh

    Map Sky Rendering and ReflectionTextureSampler

    Hmm.  That didn't work.  Neither did trying to force the shader.  So... yeah, the map skybox is using some variant shader, not skybox_shader (surprise, surprise).

    Sooooo... yeah.  Is there some weird mesh that is used for the map skybox?
  17. xenoargh

    Map Sky Rendering and ReflectionTextureSampler

    Nope, that didn't fix the skybox, unfortunately.

    So... yeah, two unrelated problems.  The first one (reflections aren't rendering at all) ... IDK what's up with that, at all.

    The map skybox... it's possible, if unlikely, that the issue is that the shader's doing something bizarre there.  I'll test forcing a Native skybox there.
  18. xenoargh

    Map Sky Rendering and ReflectionTextureSampler

    OK, I've got two issues here.

    Both issues are not happening in Native, so I suspect I've stumbled into something rather nasty and hard-coded indeed.  Just not quite sure... where, yet, lol.

    1.  Reflections just aren't rendering, period. 

    I've tested my shader, and it's not the shader; if I, say, reference ScreenTextureSampler rather than ReflectionTextureSampler... it "works"- I get an output that's sensible, given the input (ScreenTextureSampler is, apparently, the screen, shot from the POV of the camera- how this differs from the ReflectionTextureSampler, I don't know- I always figured the latter was the same as the former, but we just rotated it with a matrix... but I digress).

    I've tested getting rid of my shaders entirely, just to make sure I'm not nuts... and that also doesn't work.  So, whatever's happened here is 100% not shader-related.  But there's no "reflection" material, or anything else that's obvious.  Maybe a cubemap somewhere?

    Theory: there's a Material somewhere that needs to exist, or a Texture that is actually used as the buffer, rather than this being internal to the engine.  Which is nuts, but frankly, I don't have many other options.

    2.  The skybox shader shouldn't ever fail, but... hmm; I can see one idea to test. 

    I've got a working theory there; I'll take a look at that and get back to you.
  19. xenoargh

    Map Sky Rendering and ReflectionTextureSampler

    Well... I'm sorry to report that I've hit a major, maybe-even-showstopping problem with my mod :facepalm: Somewhere along the way, it appears I've deleted whatever-it-is that enables both map skyboxes and, more critically, the reflection-map is rendering to black.  Just... black.  No crash...
  20. xenoargh

    SP Native [WB] Blood and Steel 2.0

    That time I decided to test taking over a town vs. the Death Knights  :lol:


    First, I'm like, "wow, 500 Agents on the field is a little choppy, but this is epic".


    ...this didn't end well  :lol:
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