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  1. Prade

    MAIN STORY LINE Atli's Cave Bug (Why does it say Odin's Cave?)

    I have exactly the same problem and i didn't have under 30 health, i've kept playing a bit after and i was full health
  2. Prade

    Surprised PW is still up and going.

    Splintert said:
    Seeing all these old (but still young) farts posting makes it abundantly clear that no one truly leaves PW  :smile:

    Agreed  :grin:
  3. Prade

    Mount & Blade Warband version 1.161 patch

  4. Prade

    Avalon is seeking staff for upcoming PW servers (Details inside)

    Morbid said:
    hahahahahaha, well half of those bans were stupid

    Does that mean you think the other half weren't stupid? So you admit you got banned for legit reason and thus you are a randomer/rule breaker/etc.... . And then you're trying to create a server? Good luck to those who'll play on it.
  5. Prade

    [Map] - Revival of old Oceania map - Operation No☭algia (Complete).

    Also, it would be good to add some handcart (haven't seen one yet) as many places for ressources are unable to reach with horses, so no cart and no backpacks ( exemple the armory of Lazloburg, the Forest inside Vornneston castle etc...)
  6. Prade

    [Map] - Revival of old Oceania map - Operation No☭algia (Complete).

    also i would add a farming point near Vornneston, All castles got one except Vorn.
  7. Prade

    In my opinion the mod mechanics works against lords

    Erk said:
    - Few castles. They make money out of many serfs going to sell to the castle. No serfs, no money. Holding a castle gives you a cut on the oligopoly of chest ownership. Of course, you only make money if serfs make it to the castle.

    Good ideas but this point seems problematic. Do you know any player who will agree to do the hard, and sometimes boring, work so that another player can get all the cash of it?

    If serfing doesn't provide any gold every player will want to hold the castles.
  8. Prade

    New Type of rule breakers

    Splintert said:
    Gotta love it when these new guys come in and tell us we "don't know"  :lol:

    Same here it always bring up the good memories !  :mrgreen:
  9. Prade

    New Type of rule breakers

    Armie_knock said:
    What was it's name?

    Eu_A PW then United
  10. Prade

    New Server Startingup, Looking for Admins, Mods and Creative People.

    Demacia said:
    Rofl, one of the worst admins ive seen. *just saying* and wasnt scippio the owner of spirit? Atleast from what ive heard .

    Someone who just deliberately lied in an admin app should have no words to say about other player's application in my opinion.
  11. Prade

    New Server Startingup, Looking for Admins, Mods and Creative People.

    Demacia said:
    Kkk, i was no admin there... Just wanted to see how long it took till you found out ^^ But I have been on Imperial

    Well just one advice for you, being an admin is having  Server Owner's trust, and lying is never a good way to obtain someone's trust.
  12. Prade

    New Server Startingup, Looking for Admins, Mods and Creative People.

    Demacia said:
    I forgot that email account. ... So much beacue of that  :lol:

    And there's still the problem with your name, what was your admin's name on United?
  13. Prade

    New Server Startingup, Looking for Admins, Mods and Creative People.

    Demacia said:

    Indeed you've been an admin or indeed you used another name?

    Because i also do not remember any Demacia in the admin team of united.
  14. Prade

    Yet another one........

    Telling Splintert that he has no Admin experience..... xD

    Anyway i totally agree with everything Splintert is saying right here. All of the ****loads happened because of admins, not because of players or technical difficulties but because of the admins.

    It would be a good idea to do a new server, totally different but i guess the community is not ready yet. (And Damn you Serann i liked your babel idea, create this server now !)
  15. Prade

    Admin teams.

    You've Forgot United Team even if it's over =)
  16. Prade

    Announcement: public module system release in one week (February 16th - 17th)

    Good thing. My only fear is the emergence of many subPW mod which would split the PW community more and more. But we can't predict the future so let's see what happen.
  17. Prade

    Persistent World 4.5.1 - download and general discussion

    More than those who went to the mine and got killed  :mrgreen:

    But while i made the linen cloth i also created leather roll (with cow etc..) and meat so i can't say how much i got from linen work. But in total i had almost 25k thanks to those 2 jobs.
  18. Prade

    Persistent World 4.5.1 - download and general discussion

    About the flax process attractiveness it heavily depends on the design of the map and the selling price of linen cloth/other items.

    For example in the new version of Lowands running on EU_Union i harvested 6 fields of flax to fill an entire cart (horse cart). Then after the looong process  of spinning and weaving (which was kind of boring x) ) i sold all of the linen cloth for approximately 15k. It took me almost 30-45 min.

    After that i took a hand cart, filled it with iron ore, sold it at the best place of the map and earned more than 30k in 20 min.

    So no wonder peoples prefer iron to flax.

    Doubling the resources processed each time will surely help the attractiveness, but ultimately i believe it only depends on the map's design.
  19. Prade

    TnT_warRP coming soon.

    SpruceTrap said:
    Show me where I claimed it was my name. Busted again.

    I'm done posting here because I don't want to get muted like all your friends for flaming someone else's server thread. But the PW community has made it pretty clear that you don't own the TnT named based on their voting/name suggestion.

    The people have spoken.

    Please stop using the "PW community" to support your opinion, i am part of it and i did not "made it pretty clear". Some people may have supported you, some didn't but do not refer at us all.

    Same for "The people".

  20. Prade

    ~~~VOTE FOR THE SERVER NAME~~~ (No Rule Server)

    Splintert said:
    It's a sad day when it comes to people like Spruce to run a proper Persistent World server.

    Agree, i'd like a server like that but i don't think i'll play on this one...

    And by the way Spruce, when you are creating a poll for your name server, don't change the options during the vote to promote the name you prefer. Just take it directly and don't bother us so much.

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