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  1. swally0ne

    Control Calradia in about 10 years, the snowball problem, game difficulty and presenting my playstyle

    I agree, I think taking the all the fiefs in the entire map should take about 4-5 more years, so it can be done in about 13-14 years. I already took over the map when fighting the Aserai a number of times, in other not recorded gameplays, its not so hard, I just destroyed 2-3 600-800 men armies with about 1:40 ratio and took a castle/town in between again and again until I took everything they had moving from left to right across the map. if enough people want, I will continue the gameplay and do just that.

    also keep in mind that I delayed getting more than 2 noble clans to my kingdom until my clan owned 14 towns, which is not the fastest way to take over the map.

    I would be happy to hear your advice and your thoughts on how to improve it, it's one of the reasons I am posting this thread and made this gameplay. maybe a video? or even just describe here how you would do it better.
    i highly doubt that it only will take 4-5 more years as there are much things staying in your way and there is going to be the point where you cant handle everything on your own anymore. as soon as you hit 60 of the 120 settlements, things will get hard to control and you need to be all over the map to control the world war + the possibility of rebellions happening, which is unlikely if you do have the policies going. not saying that you will fail, but this takes time. i need ~3000 days to get everything done, but i use other strats which are less effective than yours, especially at the beginning. but still. with you being at year 1092 i would say 10 more years at least to control whole calradia +- 1 year.

    considering the strats you already pointed out the overwhelming strength of fians. i think you can use them in a way more effective way on the battlefield by going with a classic shield wall/high ground strat. so shield wall on the infantry (legionary) and a line of fians in the back of them having the high ground. this is only useful if you are the defender, so you want to be in a defending position on the matches, forcing the enemy to approach you.
    with that, you dont need armies anymore. you having 400 people is enough to take most of the armies with ~1000troops, except aserai high tiers.
    thats my 50 cents on that. you are totally fine with your strat aswell.
  2. swally0ne

    Control Calradia in about 10 years, the snowball problem, game difficulty and presenting my playstyle

    i was streaming all settlements runs with fians from 1.5.9 to 1.6.2 and i think it gets boring after a while, as it takes out the challenge.
    i need to say you are not even halfway through calradia at year 1092. in my understanding, you didnt "gained control over calradia" as there is still so much missing, especially the aserai territory which is the strongest take, so far, you only messed with factions which are having no chance at all against the fian. your losses will increase as soon as you hit a big army of faris/ha. its not that you will loose the wars, but the outcome is with a bit more losses. i do think your take is a bit misleading.
    i also need to say that your strats on the battlefield could be more effective, but thats minor as the fians do everything anyway.
  3. swally0ne

    POLL: Are you happy with update 1.6.3?

    the update adds death to simulated battles on the permadeath mode. that sounds minor to a lot of players but indeed this is a huge update a lot of people playing on permadeath appreciate. other factions, lords and party leaders can die in battles you do not participate in at all. gives you a feeling of less unfairness going on on the permadeath mode. before 1.6.3, death was only happening to battles you participated in. while you were losing tons of lords in the fights, other factions stayed unharmed as long as youre not in there. a change was demanded by a lot of players, also here on the forum. "tAlEwOrLdS dOeSnT LiStEn tO ThE cOmMuNiTy"

    what i need to get used to is the graphic downgrade in the latest patch, the game really looks worse now. i do understand if that would be a necessary step to make the game playable for people who dont have that highend gaming rig in their living room, but i do have my struggles with it.

    all things concidered i have seen worse updates.
  4. swally0ne

    Can someone please give insight into Sieges?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated or I just have to quit again like I did last year, because it's not fun anymore.
    you can break down the walls with trebuchets which will do the trick for most of the sieges. it wont help at pravend, ostican and galend as there are overall pathfinding issues on that particular map. for all the others it will do the trick. had no issues with that so far in 1.6.1 and 1.6.2. i think its the most efficent way to siege, at least on vanilla on the recent update.
    first you give the order to build trebuchets at the campaign map on all slots, once one is buildet, stash it in the reserve by simply clicking on the trebuchet. do that with every single one until every siege engine has been build. you can use them by clicking on the siege engine slots again.
    you can also check out several sieges if you skip through some of my vods on twitch.

    you can also roll back to 1.5.7
    by any means, the sieges are not running perfectly there, but they were in a better condition as they are right now as troops where able to climb up sieging towers(sometimes) and breaking to the 2nd gate after the ram.

    and of course, the already mentioned battle ai mod can help a lot too.
  5. swally0ne

    Base Bannerlord is better than base Warband

    bannerlord is bigger by scale while warband is deeper.
    concidering that warband is an evolved version of mb1 i do think that it came a way longer way than bannerlord nowadays. that being said its kinda meaningless to compare a completed game with an uncompleted one. if i have to pick, i would say that vanilla warband is better than bannerlord. there are just way to many problems left unsolved on bannerlord and a lack of content. as i mentioned bannerlord is an early version and not finished so where is the point anyway.
  6. swally0ne

    Why does the 15% barter reduction still not work?

    Seems like it should be easy to implement? I am not complaining, I am genuinely curious why this apparently simple thing doesn't work yet, especially since its the first perk and thus almost all characters could get it and vastly benefit from it?
    you right, it seems easy to implement. maybe TW has different plans with the perk in general or whatnot.

    according to the other perks, which where patched/implemented throughout EA (Click), one of the reasons why could be that TW is not sure if and how they are going to deal with that perk in the future so they put it on hold for now.
  7. swally0ne

    How do I turn off automatic recruiting? (HELP PLS)

    my game version e1.6.1
  8. swally0ne

    How do I turn off automatic recruiting? (HELP PLS)

    I went to the clan page, in the fief section, but I don't see the garrison budget option anywhere
    give a screenshot or video how to do it,plsss
    you need to have version 1.5.10 or later to see it.
  9. swally0ne

    Taleworlds. Please simulate death in battle for ALL factions. Not just the player faction + the faction the player is fighting.


    Lords don't die in simulations right now. They had plans to enable it in 1.6.1-1.6.2, but here we are.

    The only thing they taught the lords to do now is to execute rebel parties leaders, but that is hardly a game challenger.
    the only thing i can do is answer your question, if you are sure its not enabled then iam fine with it. nevertheless iam 100% sure someone died in my last playthrough without me being part of it at all. no matter what.
  10. swally0ne

    Taleworlds. Please simulate death in battle for ALL factions. Not just the player faction + the faction the player is fighting.


    More than 650 hours in beta, not a single simulated death. Are we playing the same game, bruh?
    650h are quite some rookie numbers, are you sure you enabled permadeath? :>

    it just happened to me last week. encyclopedia said lord died in battle in which i wasnt in at all. 1300 hours playtime, mostly vanilla all settlements runs on highest difficulty highest death rate at least one time with each patch. could also be a bug or i dont know. when it was happening it felt strange to me aswell, as it is showing up very rarely. iam not used to that at all but that was leading to the assumption that death is somehow happening in simulations. if it's happening again i will try to proof, as it is hard to do that afterwards in order to trace it back. so believe it or not.
  11. swally0ne

    Taleworlds. Please simulate death in battle for ALL factions. Not just the player faction + the faction the player is fighting.

    death in simulated battles is actually happening, but the chance is way lower than in battles you participate in. that being said you are totally right, its annoying to see, especially within keep fights and big, long going, fights. keep in mind that you can lower the death rate in the gameplay options if it seems to high for you.

    dont be sad anyway, afaik the death rate is still in testing phase and will be balanced later on the road.
  12. swally0ne

    How exactly are you supposed to get vassals?

    There's literally two battanians, an aserai and a khuzait (actual vassals) who don't have fiefs, the rest are just mercenaries. The guy I'm trying to get has only 1 fief.

    Tested on one of them and indeed the dialogue popped up to recruit although I never even met him. What a dumb design for vassal recruitment requirements. Gj tw.
    you welcome.
    that "design" you are talking about is not finished yet as this is still an early access version. see it as a placeholder. it was established to not make strong vasals join you or any other faction at day 1. which is fair. you will be able to get more vasals once you took more settlements. you can be sure that system will change later on the road once there is time for it. it's not that i have special information towards that, but i do know that taleworlds is working hard. dont get caught by the haters, most of them dont know ****.
  13. swally0ne

    How exactly are you supposed to get vassals?

    Relation isn't having any impact on that. Relation just helps you tiny a bit on the dialogue, but its marginal and actually RNG anyway.
    Speak to a Vassal who is not having any settlements. You can search them through the encyclopedia (press N->"Clans"->search for fiefs top right).
    They are most likely willing to join a different Kingdom. Make sure that you have charm to Meaningful Favors Perk and your Athletics to Having Going (both at 75) it will improve your success chance on the dialoge a lot.
  14. swally0ne

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    what villages changed, I couldn't find any
    @Callum i'm curious too
  15. swally0ne

    The game is actually worse. How?

    If you think about it their moto of only working on elements the player will experience is perfectly coherent. Look at multiplayer, almost noone plays it so they let it shrivel and die!

    For good reason too, I tried Captain Mode today after 1 year and it is SOMEHOW worse.
    how do they let multiplayer die if they just released the duel mode? XD
  16. swally0ne

    Need More Info 1.6 Game freeze during Siege

    Could you check if this issue is still happening on version 1.6.1?
    Nope, didnt experienced anything so far, but rarely on some Sieges there are Framedropps/choppy Frames - like in Varnovapol. Sadly, i dont have a savefile related to that. all i can share is that clip
  17. swally0ne

    The game is actually worse. How?

    Implying these kinds of channels aren't just there to milk the game for views
    this + i see a bunch of unpatient but disrespectful people.
  18. swally0ne

    The game is actually worse. How?

    Haven't posted or played in a while....
    (WTF have they been doing for 1+ year???)

    you can read through all the patchnotes here: >click<
  19. swally0ne

    Keep Fights after Sieges - Good Idea, but

    I dont wanna lose my character after dozens of hours leveling and then get control over some of my usless weak children with random attributes. Same as AI, strong lord with awesome stats die-> his 1st lvl son with 0 skills become an army leader. doze siblings are just so crappy i dont even bother to have sex with my wife

    the issue i mentioned isnt affecting you at all as you can turn permadeath off and go on playing the game just like you want to. there is nothing wrong with it. but respect that there are other approaches to the game, not just yours. i wouldnt care at all who is going into a keep fight when there is no death to my lords too.
    but, you know, the game is called mount and blade: bannerlord and not paperhorse&mattel light saber: virgin lord. :razz: <3
  20. swally0ne

    Keep Fights after Sieges - Good Idea, but

    so wy do u play with permadeath enabled? this is most stupidish feature ever
    what is stupid in making love with a beautiful lady making beautyful chad children? with permadeath enabled you have a life & death cycle which is making the game more interesting to me than a static experience. in my opinion at least. i concider permadeath as one of the features that i apreciate.

    What a useless response.
    If they'd just hurry up and fully implement it it wouldn't feel so stupid. Been in this 'testing' state for like half a year?

    But yeah this is one of the things I was worried about with this feature. There needs to be way more control over which of your troops spawn first in every type of battle, as well as a way to leave certain companions/family members in your party out of fights.

    i dont mind the troop spawns in battles, as this counts for the enemy as same as it counts for the player. people can die on both sides. that is making things somewhat even. that being written, this equality is not given in keep battles.
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