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  1. Ulfkarl


    LMAO I think I just made a mistake reinstalling this game again, I can't even find a match and I see people here getting scammed with gold, mmmm I will have to uninstall again
  2. Ulfkarl

    For those who still think, that the skins wouldn't be monetized

    who cares at this point, no one is waiting for that, once custom server files are released they can do whatever they want, also mods can make those skins free LMAO
  3. Ulfkarl

    [BL] Remastered Multiplayer - MP project to bring warband to bannerlord

    I don't have a problem with bannerlord combat, if you want to make warband in bannerlord that will be a downgrade, I find bannerlord animations and combat better than warband (except for the ballerina 360 swings), my only problem with bannerlord is the game modes, no custom servers and the dumb class system
  4. Ulfkarl

    Where is kick bottem?

    where the **** is the kick option, I got a perfect match ruined by a dumbass rambo
  5. Ulfkarl

    This update absolutely sucks

    I'm glad I uninstalled this game before the update, Im not touching this trash since crush throughts are back
  6. Ulfkarl

    All Quiet On The Bannerlord Front

    I played some Warband last night and had a good time on a Battle server and then some Deathmatch.

    Just in that clip alone, there's a world of difference. You can hear cavalry coming consistently. The camera doesn't take a second to swivel around. The polearm isn't clunky and sluggish. Turning around isn't pointlessly encumbered. The horse gets reared reliably, and it allows me to follow up with a decent attack. The chamber system actually works efficiently. The jump is functional and un-floaty. The whole thing feels responsive and fluid, easy to understand and unfettered by good-for-nothing details in the combat mechanics.

    There's also much more personality in the equipment selection. You can tell more reliably who the newer players are (even from a distance) by their chosen armour, so there's more chance of better players going easy on them (as I do), rather than facing everyone as if they could potentially be the best player in the game. I literally saw someone write in the chat: "Dont kill nestor, he's a new player xD." He was easy to recognise, and I protected him from getting backstabbed. TW really aren't looking out for the little guy (by making everyone look the same) with Bannerlord's class system.
    if only we had an actual mount & blade 2 and not this trash called bannerlord, warband is way more superior to bannerlord in every aspect, such as balance, combat mechanics, etc. etc.
  7. Ulfkarl

    How to make Bannerlord MP relevant again with one easy trick

    can anyone with photoshop installed place the taleworlds logo on the face of the CEO? LMAO
  8. Ulfkarl

    Captain Mode needs your help!

    you are the problem of this game, because of "competitive" players like you devs think everything is fine, "we have a competitive active community, our game is not dead" please stop and let the game die already

  9. Ulfkarl

    multiplayer base is dying faster than TW can push out updates

    okay. why are you looking at beta? This is not SP, its MP. There are not longer MP beta servers. You do know that those patch notes are incomplete?
    You don't get it my little guy, when you scroll down those are the beta hotfixes, the picture I showed is the actual mp update
  10. Ulfkarl

    multiplayer base is dying faster than TW can push out updates

    You are not looking at the entire patch notes. ffs guys, scroll down
    (I am not in any way endorsing anything, but saying "all this for 3 lines???" is a pretty bad take)
    those are for beta my little guy, I just tested the update and we don't have any of those beta changes
  11. Ulfkarl

    multiplayer base is dying faster than TW can push out updates

    updates will bring players back!! look at this great update!
  12. Ulfkarl

    I Love This Game

    we want it to be a great game, but it is far from that, dont lie to yourselves
  13. Ulfkarl

    Is this what a siege should look like to you Taleworlds ?

    you had ONE job taleworlds! and you ruined it! you just had to make everything like warband literally, even balance, everything was perfect in warband except graphics and animations, we just need all balance features and game modes from warband to bannerlord, get rid of your stupid class system multiplayer is dead because you did everything different than warband.
  14. Ulfkarl

    Why Is This Forum Section So Toxic?

    close thread plesae mods
  15. Ulfkarl

    Why Is This Forum Section So Toxic?

    wtf why is this retarded thread still alive, stop commenting please
  16. Ulfkarl

    Allow me to do full team damage

    go play fortnite cringe millenial and also get a job
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