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    Unresolved fork through another persion holding a shield

    Summary: Fork goes through a person and pushes ladder down How to Reproduce: Go to the ladder on D as defender with your teammate. The mate should be a vlandian knight holding a shield in front of him. Grab a fork, instruct your friend to stand with the shield in front of the end of the ladder...
  2. Fixer

    In Progress EU siege is down again

    As of 2021.10.04 21:33 London time (GMT) EU siege is unavailable. viva la DUCKtania! Live long and camel...
  3. Fixer

    Camel market on Duel server

    A fond enough person can turn the duel spawn location to a camel/cav market. I guess these objects do take up resources to maintain so this might be a potential problem /of course only in much larger numbers/. possible fix could be to destroy them (only on duel) if the agent they've spawned...
  4. Fixer

    In Progress Siege cant transition to next map

    Summary: Voting title shows up, vote doesnt happen, instead no response from server or sg like that shows the transition didnt happen. looking for the next game works around the issue, but its annoying to see chat freeze.. How to Reproduce: Play a siege game on EU server Scene Name (if...
  5. Fixer

    Resolved EU siege stuck on next game starts in...

    EU siege stuck on next game starts in...
  6. Fixer

    In Progress Skala landing walkaround on a horse

    Summary: I accidentally fell down on a horse during a multiplayer warmup on the skala landing map and didn't die. After a while I've found a remote empty server that had this map up with 0 players, so I've tried to reproduce the issue. (Also tried via the modding kit -> opening...
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    Resolved 1.6.1-EU siege is down

    Summary: 1.6.1-EU siege is down seems to have crashed&not recovering How to Reproduce: check custom server list
  8. Fixer

    In Progress [minor visual] Edge too long

    Summary: You can stand on "nothing" with half of your body. (some ppl use it to hide in multi sieges) How to Reproduce: Stand on the wooden overhang, notice Scene Name (if related): Ayzar Stronghold over F Media (Screenshots & Video):
  9. Fixer

    Muted: abusive chat-inquiry

    Hi! I'd just like to ask if there is a way to check what was the specific line of chat that triggered such an action? I'm not contesting the decision I happened to be loose mouthed at times which could very well be considered as "should be filtered". I've got two suggestions: it would be...
  10. Fixer

    Resolved 1.6.1-EU siege crashed&not recovering

    Summary:EU siege crashed&not recovering. Sometimes it crashes in the late game with only a few minutes to go, other times it crashes during transition an the next game doesnt start/show up on the selection screen. How to Reproduce:Just play the multiplayer for 2-3 rounds on the EU region with...
  11. Fixer

    Resolved Steam 1.5.10 unavailable

    Summary: I've been playing 1.5.9 for a while and today when I've launched multiplayer the play button was red and disabled: a quick search revealed that this can be a result of gameservers being updated or finished updating: ie a new release is available so I should update my game. So I headed...
  12. Fixer

    EU siege servers constantly crashing

    The EU siege servers are crashing left and right. crashes frequently occur midgame / - exe stops need relogin transitioning to another round almost every time results in a crash to server selection screen I've seen some threads mentioning this but they werent specific about the location / game...
  13. Fixer

    Resolved Lobby Custom server list servername too long

    Summary: Sometimes the servername is too long in the lobby's custom server list option How to Reproduce: check the max servername length, create a server with a name like on the top row of the attachment Media (Screenshots & Video):
  14. Fixer

    Resolved 1.4.3 237332 Discussion screen swords multipled

    Just after starting a new campaign
  15. Fixer

    Resolved Lord Needs a Tutor - finished quest text not precise

    After completing the quest the text metions the quest giver as the trainee. In the example: Crotor is the quest giver, Maximin is the guy who had been trained. Steps to reproduce:complete the quest, check the description of the message. impact: almost nothing :)
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