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  1. Apstinentas

    Hidden valley

    I read in the forum somewhere that there is a a site called Hidden Valley in Ireland. Is it still in the game?
  2. Apstinentas

    Personal leave

    Idibil, can you re-implement the feature of vacation when you are enlisted in a lord's army? Not being able to get leave is really time wasting during peace time. I could be doing quests for lords, or just roaming the and killing bandits, or such. Can you please re-add this feature?
  3. Apstinentas

    Personal leave

    How can you get that. I never been able to get any of that, the lord only replies that it is not possible. Anyone else have the same problem?(I know it is Freelancer feature and I posted the same question some time ago in that forum but got no replies. Maybe someone here will be able to answer)
  4. Apstinentas

    Can't kill a king

    I captured a king and grinded my relationship with him via 'You will remain my prisoner' option to -100, but I still don't have an option to kill him. I tired looking at other post on forum, but haven't came up with an answer. Someone suggested to have low reputation. How low should it be? Mine...
  5. Apstinentas

    Twitching Troops

    I noticed that soldiers with shields that are covering themselves with it star to twitch (they look to the sky and back to the enemy very fast). Anyone else have that?
  6. Apstinentas


    I just thought to say that I think limit on the athletics skill is ridiculous. I understand that it's probably there to limit the players from having an uber heavy armor wearing character, and to try and make it like it is in reality, but thing is that it limits the kick-assness much later in...
  7. Apstinentas

    Diplomacy + OSP items

    Since there is no activity in the original thread I am forced to post here. Can someone update this mod to current Diplomacy version.
  8. Apstinentas


    Is it possible to add Native faces, because I kind of got used to my regular character face.
  9. Apstinentas


    I started to play Warband native again about two months ago and when I started a new game I saw this guy in the tavern(I think his name started with Z) and after talking with him he said that I can recruit some troop that are called ranger and their equipment was customizable. But now I just...
  10. Apstinentas


    I was wondering what native companions are still in the teatrc and what are the new ones? ( sorry for sentence formation :mrgreen:)
  11. Apstinentas

    Changing lord's troops gathering speed

    I was looking for information on how to change speed of how fast lords gather their troops and havent found any(or went blind and missed it). So can someone explain how to do this? Please?
  12. Apstinentas

    Becoming king

    So I was playing warband for awhile and there is one thing I wanted to ask. I was looking around forum for the way of becoming king of an existing faction.I havent found any(or missed whole topic, like always). So I am just wondering if any of you people could shed some light on this topic for me?
  13. Apstinentas

    About exporting character

    Are the option "export character is for exporting chracter from older version of M&B or I can export my leveled character into new game?
  14. Apstinentas

    About weapons in the game

    I wonder are there any mods that puts back weapons that was in early version of the game? Or if that could be done by some kind of other way? Any suggestions are appreciated
  15. Apstinentas

    Problems with banners

    Maybe someone know how to make symbol on the banner center to appear on the chest part of tabard like on heraldic mail it looks ****y when u make a banner but picture on the center is somewhere on belt part so if someone know how to do this please write.
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