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  1. Rum

    ~Weastside~ Gang

    A supremely elite being hailing from the Shire of Weastcove. Let it be known only 3 Weasts have ever existed; others have attempted to become recognized as Weasts but failed, miserably. Activites include h33fing trees, cheesing bowls, worshiping the dark lord, and in general being superior to...
  2. Rum

    Is one able to port over the dust effects to native?

    I really like it, even if its really laggy. Do I need to just copy and paste the particle system or is there more to it than that?
  3. Rum

    Pike and Shot CB Offical

    Pike and Shot CB created by Shoomama Ey dar u dirty SAXON DOG! You be wondering "What is this? A server full of sticks and stuff?" In which I may say yes it is a server full of sticks and stuff. Tons of sticks ;) Welcome to the Pike and Shot forum page. This will inform ya of our dank server...
  4. Rum

    Half Swording

    I don't know about you guys, but I think Half Swording should be added in Bannerlord (or in a mod for warband at least). Say your fighting a guy in full on plate (or mail considering that Warband is based in the 13th Century) and you have a two handed sword. You know that slashing at him will...
  5. Rum

    Mod feels... kinda downgraded

    I am in love with this mod. This was always my go to whenever I felt like playing some mulitplayer. The only thing I find kinda sad though is the lack of variety of equipment (mostly uniforms and hats) for factions like Sweden. I missed the different type of hats and coats for the Swedish...
  6. Rum

    Little Multiplayer Unofficial patch being made.

    I'm making an unofficial patch for the mod to make it more multiplayer friendly. I am trying my best not to affect anything to the single player so I am not gonna remove any factions. List: Kathinid Sayazn Sayazn Provinces Imaz Ishtar Gathan Gashajin Princinpilty of Kalhdim Now we don't...
  7. Rum


    I don't know if  everyone else has the same problem a me but they just don't fire at all. Now I have just started in the game and I have not yet bought the cannons yet, but when I'm fighting beside my general who always has cannons with him they just don't do anything either than just stand...
  8. Rum

    Respawning as a feature

    Everyone played AD 1257 right? Remember that feature where if you get knocked out, you can respawn as one of your troops? I think L'aigle needs that feature but a bit more modified. Say you had an NCO in your army. You get into battle and instantly you got shot. Pretty frustrating right? Luckley...
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