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  1. Welcome_To_Hell

    Suggestion General REQUEST, Official Coding Tutoiral on basics: Adding a Hotkey, Adding Custom Options to Options Menu

    Hey guys, Would love to see official documentation on how to: 1) Add and register a Hotkey To HotKeyBase, using proper HotKeyCategory, calling with OnPressed, OnReleased 2) Adding options to options screen, extending "ManagedOptions" under "Gameplay" Tab Adding "Dropdown Box" option Adding...
  2. Welcome_To_Hell

    Stances, proper stance attack animations, options for inverse + hotkey

    Trying revive @Silen excellent old stance thread with more suggestions on their true utility My opinion, please comment - "Correct" stance check in the current code should not add any "Correct/Incorrect Stance"...
  3. Welcome_To_Hell

    Still can't swim

    Anyone notice swimming is still not a feature? Underwater walking + horses since 2009
  4. Welcome_To_Hell

    Please change the second NA/EU TDM server to rotate through Siege gamemode instead of TDM

    Hate to bring this up again, since it has been brought up so many times since the EA drop. Currently there are two 100 player TDM servers under the "Custom Games" tab. Usually healthy amount of players on one, while the second one is always completely empty. Please change the second server to...
  5. Welcome_To_Hell

    Need More Info Controlling a character in TDM or SIEGE feels a lot slower / less responsive than in Captain mode

    Summary: Controlling the character feels slower, more cluncky playing a full Siege or TDM server, combat feels slower and more unresponsive. Difficult to describe but, playing captain feels as responsive as single-player. This test was done with all of the graphics/performance settings at the...
  6. Welcome_To_Hell

    Need More Info Performance is significantly lower for Player controlled agents vs AI controlled agents in Multiplayer

    Summary: FPS is about half on 100 player Team Death-match game vs a 6vs6 Captain mode game How to Reproduce: Play on a 100 player TDM server, measure FPS. Play on a 6vs6 Captain mode server, measure FPS, look at the differences. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Nord Town, Ovsk Harbor, Ruins...
  7. Welcome_To_Hell

    To Developers -> Please bring back Warbands Bastard sword behaviour

    Warband: Bannerlord: Please bring back the bastard sword behaviour where idle animations are one handed, but the swings are two handed. There is no need to press "X" (Alternative item usage) to change between 1h and 2h Automatically works equipping and unequipping shields, was much smoother...
  8. Welcome_To_Hell

    In Progress 20-30 FPS Drop when entering certain Towers with lit Torches

    Summary: 20 FPS Drop when entering certain Towers with lit Torches. From solid 60 FPS to around 40 FPS. How to Reproduce: Walk into the tower with lit torches Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Fen Altai, Bravenos Encirclement, Skala Landings, Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: 1.4.1...
  9. Welcome_To_Hell

    In Progress 20-30 FPS Drop when entering certain Towers with lit Torches

    Summary: 20-30 FPS Drop when entering certain Towers with lit Torches. From around 80-90 FPS to 60-50 FPS. Over 30% frame rate drop. How to Reproduce: Walk into the tower with lit torches during the day / night, seems to be regardless of weather in the scene Quest/Settlement Name (if related)...
  10. Welcome_To_Hell

    Need More Info Franczeska / Throwing Axe Alternative Melee weapon does not work

    Should be: Pressing x (Switch alternative melee weapon) -> throwing axe switches to one handed axe and can be used to swing / block (Just like javellins) Is: Pressing x (Switch alternative melee weapon) -> Nothing happens, throwing axe unusable as melee weapon PC Specs: Not relevant This bug...
  11. Welcome_To_Hell

    BL Coding MatrixFrame orienentation matrix?

    Can someone explain the orientation matrix? I got things to work experimentally and by copying taleworlds code and modifying it slightly, Still dont understand some things. MatrixFrame.orgin.x or y or z are pretty straight forward. But how do the other 3 orienation vectors work? (f, u and s)...
  12. Welcome_To_Hell

    Merge Multiplayer Maps Into the SinglePlayer World

    Would Love to see Multiplayer maps connected to single player world and lore TDM: Nord Town -> Make an actual settlement in SP (one of the Sturgians) Harbor of Ovks -> Ov Castle (Sturgia) Imperial Villa -> Add to one of the villages next to Imperial capital SIEGE: Bravenos Encriclement -> Make...
  13. Welcome_To_Hell

    Block Stun / Delay is Cancer

    I hate to bring this up again... Some weapons are literally unblockable, opponent can just keep spamming and there is nothing defender can do to parry, while holding down the correct block direction due to perpetual block stunned state.
  14. Welcome_To_Hell

    Steam Voice API VOIP ?

    I think it would be pretty cool to have a VOIP attached to player characters with the ability to communicate would really help out teamwork and make it more fun. I was thinking this could probably be modded in using steam API, but why not add it as part of the base experience...
  15. Welcome_To_Hell

    Need More Info 120 player servers - Ping spikes and FPS drop when close to a lot of players fighting at the same time.

    Sorry for lack of details to reproduce. - Ping is low when the match is in warm-up mode / just begins. - Ping seems to be spiking from around 70ms to around 350ms almost as a sine function when lots of combat is happening around the player. - Usually starts happening half way through the...
  16. Welcome_To_Hell

    AI command menu (F-Keys) needs an option to make units switch their weapons

    Really getting tired of my elite units getting slaughtered because they decide to fight in a shieldwall with a javellin/war dart in "melee mode", while keeping their axes holstered. This is also a game-breaking issue in Multiplayer (Captain Mode) Suggestion: - Move F5 option (Horses) and...
  17. Welcome_To_Hell

    SP Native Mounted Slash Camera +Couch Assist Camera Update

    While swinging Left or Right on Horseback changes the camera to be "in the strike zone", and turns on free cam to make using short one handed weapons on horseback a lot easier. - Requires Bannerlib - Toggled ON / OFF with a hotkey bindable in Config.cfg file - Can only be toggled ON / OFF while...
  18. Welcome_To_Hell

    Add "FACE" Hitbox with separate armor value provided by helmet item

    As the title says we need a FACE hitbox in addition to HEAD hitbox - Separate FACE damage multiplier in xml file - Small FACE Hitbox attached to head bone, slightly sticking out - Armor Value would be defined in helmet item xml file I feel like we really need to differentiate between the two...
  19. Welcome_To_Hell

    SP Native Realistic Weapon Collision. V1.5 Update

    This mod changes melee weapons collision reactions when striking other characters. Swords axes and polearms no longer clip through the character on hits. The weapon clips through the character like in vanilla banner lord only if: the hit is a fatal blow, weapon doing the damage is a cutting...
  20. Welcome_To_Hell

    Is it me or does it take forever to block? Seem to be way worse at manually blocking than Warband

    I always felt i was pretty good at Manual blocking, even since Warband Beta 11 years ago. But now I seem to constantly miss the blocks even though I feel like pressed the button on way ahead of time. Not sure if its me sucking (probably true regardless), server lag, some weird delay in input...
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