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  1. PriNce17

    [NC 17] Poland

  2. PriNce17

    Poland NC 2015 - The Movie

    Hello everyone! I've made video with best polish moments from Nations Cup 2015. It was very unique tournament for us, I think we proved something. We proved that teamplay is way better then group of egoistic "star" players. (I don't want to offend anyone) We have some luck too, but I think we...
  3. PriNce17

    Team Poland

    Captain Harman Co-Captain CarpeDiem Members Arthasan Blackitt Blade Gorn Habrak Netoman PriNce17 Rome Sebek Tony Trebron Virus Wężyk Harman: Harman Harman CarpeDiem: CarpeDiem CarpeDiem
  4. PriNce17

    Polish Eagles leaving WNL

    Sorry guys, but PE have to leave WNL. We don't have enought active players, and our clan is now INNACTIVE. Maybe some of our members will join other clans... But we want to wish all to You GOOD LUCK :) Thanks for all matches and once again Good Luck to You.
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