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  1. Etonviper

    What I like and dislike from the last couple updates

    Overall, I have enjoyed the last multiplayer updates. Some stuff I love more than others though. Here is a list of what I think should be kept and what should be changed in the up coming updates. What I Like: Perk System ( I like how your character specializes in certain aspects making...
  2. Etonviper

    No multiplayer inclusion in Dev update 8

    Just wondering if there are some smaller details in the works that we might expect that did not make the cut for the dev update. Maybe even just saying what the main bulk of the multiplayer update is focusing on. Thank you devs, hope to hear from you.
  3. Etonviper

    Queue time loops back to 00:00 after an hour, plz fix

    I want to start a WR comp on longest queue times and as I was about to hit my record of 1 hour but it looped back to 0. Not sure if this is a bug but im kinda pissed that I cant be hittin 3 hour queue times and setting a fat standard that possibly could be beat within 4 hours. This screenshot is...
  4. Etonviper

    Allow me to do full team damage

    bunch a traffic cones, me want tk easyr so me fite Emeny 1v1. FuN FUN
  5. Etonviper

    Shield Combat/Stamina Idea

    Hello, I have been putting some thought into how to improve the combat in bannerlord and I have come up with a couple ideas that could be implemented to add depth. First off, I realize warbanders might not take these changes well though they must realize there needs to be evolution in the combat...
  6. Etonviper

    Double Rearing Horse Tech

    Ive done this couple times before but never got to record it. Lmk what you think, ill try to mess around with it at some point. From experience it seems you need to low thrust ahead of the feet of the horse/camel.
  7. Etonviper

    In Progress invisible wall

    Summary: Throwables hit a invisable wall How to Reproduce:Go to C flag and throw/ shoot something over the little wall at the bridge Scene Name (if related):Echerion Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  8. Etonviper


    This game is horribly unbalanced with high ping. Playing with 17 ping in NAeast then going to Europe with 100 ping makes me feel like just huffed glue. Any possible optimizations planned to make it a little more enjoyable with higher ping? Is this even possible to fix?
  9. Etonviper

    Fix the legionnaire class

    Heavy armor on the legionary is SO bad. The spatha has to be the worst weapon in the game rn. Make the heavy axe or long spatha base with heavy armor and replace the axe perk with the paramerion. **** the spatha is such a meme that the length is the same as the base sword on the recruit and it’s...
  10. Etonviper

    Community Driven Projects

    Looking at the recent competition that was hosted by taleworlds, I would think it would be great to see some multiplayer map competitions. Have the community vote on what map they want to see go into further development/testing. The bannerlord community is talented af, use this resource as I can...
  11. Etonviper


    The server situation is getting worse and worse. There's barley anyone playing and the servers cant handle it. I cannot complete a game without the server crashing. Lately, it seems to get worse and worse. This game is borderline unplayable due to the server situation. (pls fix)
  12. Etonviper

    Should Thrusts be Buffed?

    Thrusts with swords feel so useless, as an inf main I pretty much stick to chops and slashes. For some reason the start up lag on the thrust animation is SO slow compared to the other attacks. I am guessing the animation is copy and pasted from the spear (which is also slow af). Chop off a...
  13. Etonviper

    Will Spear bracing ever be effective against inf?

    Spear bracing kinda sucks right now. In captains AI isn’t able to use it yet, I believe they will soon though. I think there could be an extra layer added to combat if you make the bracing good against inf, maybe add a active hit box that wont kick you out if it hits a shield or person so it can...
  14. Etonviper

    Hot swapping weapons

    Im not sure if anyone else is having this problem but the scroll wheel weapon swap is way too sensitive or something because I keep switching my weapons mid fight. this is the only game I have this problem, I was wondering if you can make it so I can assign weapons to slots instead of having to...
  15. Etonviper

    Start adding content instead of just balance patches

    The last couple patches have been great in my opinion for the game. Cav feels great now, the nerf to horse armor makes them still just as deadly but now they have to be way more careful in their gameplay. Throwing weapons feel good, they are great against cav and un organized infantry. Archers...
  16. Etonviper

    Horde gamemode

    This has to be the most casual game mode that will keep a player base. I know a lot of people would love a game mode where players face waves of AI that gradually get harder. You could even use the captain mode maps at first!!! Make it so you have to defend each point from waves of AI troops...
  17. Etonviper

    Captain mode possible ideas

    Hello, I love captains mode, but if some small changes were added, I believe I would never stop playing it. So a couple ideas I have thought of are. -Spear walls/phalanx (maybe make a new formation or use shield wall if spears are equipped, if spears had a active hit box on the tip in these...
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