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  1. diomedesbc


    Was playing the Brytenwalda mod and made me think of this mod and how excellent it was.  Sure wish we could see something like this for warband.
  2. diomedesbc

    Keys and Commands?

    I'm going crazy trying to find what keys to use in naval battles?  Is there a command list for this mod?
  3. diomedesbc

    Squad Multiplayer

    ...Is awesome! Great new addition, it is way more fun with a squad I find.  There is a lot to positioning your troops.
  4. diomedesbc

    HELP - RGL Warning

    I started playing on the 22nd siege server and it was great. I go to play yesterday and now while I'm playing I keep getting a dialogue box pop up RGL Warning. It says:         RGL Warning !mater->textures[rgl_mtk_diffusemap]->valid Any idea why this is?  It makes the server unplayable for me...
  5. diomedesbc

    I wish I could change my coat of arms....

    after playing with the elk head on black background I wish I could choose a different one from the list they gave me.  There must be somewhere in the script where I can reset it, or maybe save game.  I haven't figured out where the save games are.... :)
  6. diomedesbc

    How to change coat of arms, changed mind since first choice?

    You know how once you hit a certain level you get to choose a coat of arms and that's what is on your flag and shields, ect.  Is there a way I can go in and change it so I can pick again?  I"ve searched for about an hour on the forum and can't find anything.  Mostly find stuff about editing...
  7. diomedesbc

    Great Game!

    I just happened to come across something about this game on Gamespot a couple days ago so I downloaded the game to try it out. I've been addicted ever since!  I don't know what it is about this game.  Maybe its the riding around on a horse cutting down infantry with once slash from your sword...
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