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  1. VinnyPooh

    INT Other Completed Face Off Gaming Beauty Pageant Tournament *20.00$ prize* EU/NA

    Bopar the Challenged
    Bopar was raised in the local village sewage waterway. Although his upbringing was difficult he found simple pleasures in life such as bird watching, and utilizing frozen fecal matter to throw at unsuspecting bystanders in the middle of mainstreet.
    Bopar has been known to rummage through locally disposed garbage in search of the prized used female sanitary products, a delicacy some say has been to known to the great kings of the east for centuries.​

    Jamalius the Dark

    Born in the slums of South Bronx Upon Tyne, Jamalius started his life as a thief early in life. Jamalius often recollects of the first time he robbed the local swine farmer for all of the pig sludge for his daily hygienic bathing "i remember it like it was yesterday, and i'd do it again" jamal would often spout in humour.
    Crime is his name of the game, and nobody can stand in his way.​

  2. VinnyPooh

    Help me stop the Gong!

    the gong noise is an absolute evil and must be destroyed before it spreads
  3. VinnyPooh

    Apis Europae [AE] Masters of the Universe

    Shemaforash said:
    sooo quiet  :cry:

    accept reality and then you shall be set free
  4. VinnyPooh

    North American Player Ratings (New Fun Poll Up!)

    thank you for putting an american flag next to my name :smile:
  5. VinnyPooh

    Mount and blade Minecraft mod

    combining two cancers into one. i like your style ;'0
  6. VinnyPooh


    my fellow american john will appreciate this:

  7. VinnyPooh

    Need a name for my new clan... please vote.

    i'm giving these out for free...take them while they're available
  8. VinnyPooh

    Need a name for my new clan... please vote.

    Septic Fellatio Warriors (SFW)

    Garbage Disposal Units (GDU)

    Moist Wizards (MW)

    Knights of the Bidet (KB)

    Ascended Cream Cheese (ACC)

    Electrified Pigeons (EP)

    Woke and Sweaty Men (WSM)
  9. VinnyPooh


    please see new signature. nothing but pure class. thank you snoop
  10. VinnyPooh

    Gibby's 2h Duel List

    i like how you created dueling 'eras' to differentiate time. i appreciate that wholesomely.
  11. VinnyPooh

    2019 NA 3v3 Sword and Board Tournament

    Calamity said:
    Team Name: West Knights
    Names: Calamity, WilySly, oodle
    Faction: Nords
    Contact Information:

  12. VinnyPooh

    [NASL2] Suggestions

    weak team names are directly correlated to weak tournaments

    that's how it's been, that's how it'll always be.
  13. VinnyPooh

    [NASL2] Suggestions

    Thunderbeu said:
    do you really hate to say it tho?

    no ;0

    you got me
  14. VinnyPooh

    [NASL2] Suggestions

    i hate to say this...but the team names are W E A K

    i remember the days when septic justic warriors reigned supreme
  15. VinnyPooh

    [RaTs] Rastaferi Taco's

    John7 said:
    god bless the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

    only thing i can truly respect in this thread
  16. VinnyPooh

    List-makers Nominations

    Achilles_TheIV said:
    |Marek| said:
    I nominate our community manager, Captain_Lust.

    Fixed for you.

    this is only valid answer
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