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  1. nox

    Early End game party size tuning

    So I've noticed that this mod relies on the tragically broken default party size algos.  The problem with them, that once the player is level 24ish, 500+ reknown ish, the NPC parties are autoadjusted up to about a size of 300-400.  Unless the player stacks cha/int, the player's maximum unit size...
  2. nox

    feature request: debug routine to clear wagon flag

    please add a camp menu to do the following : Debug : locate wagon Debug : destroy wagon.  disbands wagon if there is on, and resets flags if there isn't one. thanks
  3. nox

    Feature request: supply wagon / food changes

    When the player creates a supply wagon, have it 'trail' the player instead of being 'in the player's inventory'.    This prevents the obvious exploit of having an invisible pocket of inventory inside the player's inventory. most everything else should be the way it is now, except - if the...
  4. nox

    Suggestion: fief / village assignment

    I suggest for map balance and good sense that you consider the following On initial map gen, assign every village to the nearest fortress walled center.  That'll make some fortresses have more, and some less. Cities have enough income that they don't need villages attached to them.  That...
  5. nox

    Feature request: temporary faction adjustments

    One of the things that is happening now is that it's possible to reset all of your factions in the game by signing on as a mercenary and then leaving service. What I would suggest is the following IF (player_is_mercenary) return mercenary_employer_faction_result else return...
  6. nox

    Feature request: associative faction gains/losses

    I would request that this mod add associative faction gain / loss. How this works is that any act that causes faction loss, also causes associative faction gain/loss with other nations that are sufficiently allied/enemy of that nation. This is multiplied if the action affects that nation's...
  7. nox

    Mercenary system feedback requested

    So Mexxico did a really nice job of broadening the options for economic play.  You can now (or will soon) be able to see what the opportunities are to send caravans if your party trade skill is higher, you can now dispatch caravans independently.  I wager he's got some other tricks up his sleeve...
  8. nox

    Economy talk

    Continuing the conversation that was going on in another topic, I wanted to throw out some ideas and get feedback about economy model in M&B. In a nutshell, what I am thinking of is basically this : population model : (towns/villages) - target max pop (static) - attractiveness (wealth...
  9. nox

    cultural recruitment

    How many people miss the cultural recruitment from earlier titles?  I don't want to get heavily into the meta-discussions of supposed historical accuracy as much as I'm interested in how people choose to play the game. Without tilting the argument one way or another, I don't really love...
  10. nox

    village / walled center association initialization

    There's something I want to put on the list to change, and I wanted to throw it out there and see what people thought about it.  Right now villages are associated with walled centers.  When an village is unclaimed otherwise, the ownership of it reverts to a specific walled center.  The...
  11. nox

    The 'renown' system dilemma

    A long standing issue that began with M&B and continues today is how the renown system awards renown based on numerical comparison, which is obviously not a linear metric. Thus, the way to gain renown is to field veteran heavily armored cavalry troops against the largest and most poorly...
  12. nox

    Best 'camp town' implementation?

    There's a spot in the game I've referred to as the 'dead' spot, which occurs about the time levelling slows down, and prior to capturing the player's first holding.  At this point the player has nowhere to hold prisoners or extra troops or store items or operate defensively but yet is a little...
  13. nox

    The economy system is totally hosed.

    It's clear that the coders who wrote F&S didn't understand how the income system worked in M&B.  Their income system is actually seperate from M&Bs and they broke the dialogue screen that shows your income. That breaks a bunch of stuff, and indicates that they probably did some things wrong...
  14. nox

    What structural changes would you make to the game to address the issues?

    This question is mainly intended for people who've played the game more than 5 hours - please don't be put off by this, but the questions require informed responses.  Those of you who know me, might understand this.  Those of you who don't, well hi.  I'll preface this and say that in my...
  15. nox

    weekly cost calculation adjustment for troops and merc work

    need to tweak the weekly cost calc a little.  right now it calcs based on the player's army at the time of calculation which is messy and inaccurate and leads to meta-gaming. need to do an hourly where you take (weekly cost /  168 ) every hour and add that cost to the total. that way cost and...
  16. nox

    NPC Lord AI suggestions - warband - 1.134

    Seeing some minor problems with NPC lord AI. First I think the replenishment rate may be a little too high for non-landholding lords, and for lords whose villages are looted.  What this means is that when a kingdom gets cornered down to their last city/castle - all the enemy lords stack in the...
  17. nox

    status report

    I am playing through a vanilla game of M&B right now, to get a real feel for how it plays so I know what the context of gameplay changes would be like.  I believe deeply that great game design can only come from the hand of someone who understands the game experience as a whole. For example, I...
  18. nox

    Carryover feature topic for 1.0 (+)

    Here's the current list of features I am going to carry over  : My mercenary contract system. Pillaging. Ability to siege castles and towns as a neutral. Ability to enter combat on ANY side of a battle (not just when you are at war with someone)... so long as you were neutral and not in a...
  19. nox

    Dismemberment and decapitation.

    I can't remember how this topic ended last time, it was a very very long time ago.  I want decapitation and dismemberment.  Gouts of blood, etc.  Can we have it yet?  =) Anyone with me on this?
  20. nox

    How to 'merge' using tortoiseSVN

    As a service to the other developers here, I've set up a repository in which I maintain vendor releases for the purposes of merging code. I have the .89x releases and .901.  The URLS for them are :
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