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  1. Etonviper

    What I like and dislike from the last couple updates

    Overall, I have enjoyed the last multiplayer updates. Some stuff I love more than others though. Here is a list of what I think should be kept and what should be changed in the up coming updates. What I Like: Perk System ( I like how your character specializes in certain aspects making...
  2. Etonviper

    NA Duel In-progress Court of Cavalry | Duel Tourney | $100 Prize

    Name: Etonviper
    Discord: Etonviper#1298
    Region: USA USA USA USA NAeast
  3. Etonviper

    How does everyone feel about the recent patch?

    It’s a step in the right direction, though haven’t played enough to make a actual decision. Combat changes glitch out some animations though. Overall though, in the little I’ve played i feel that my dueling has improved from the patch
  4. Etonviper

    who is the best duelist NA?

    Me when the server is empty 😤. That pole doesn’t stand a chance
  5. Etonviper

    How's your "VISION" working out TW?

    Their vision rn is on a beach laughing at all the rage in the forums. They are on vacation till the 26th
  6. Etonviper

    Poll: The unification of North American servers

    But I like my 20 ping on NA east
  7. Etonviper

    All Quiet On The Bannerlord Front

    yah know. A couple weeks ago I said "It can't get worse then this, it's only up from here". Then it got worse. We are *thbbpt* officially at *thbbpt* rock bottom *thbbpt*
  8. Etonviper

    Weird gaming habits, post your rituals

    Run around tdm with just a spear and try to get called a cheater
  9. Etonviper

    It's time to remove captain mode from multiplayer

    Is this post satire? I can’t tell
  10. Etonviper

    It's time to remove captain mode from multiplayer

    Y’all smokin some crack. You can find a captains game faster then a skirmish
  11. Etonviper

    help me get gud at melee

    I would say play multiplayer but that might be pure pain for you. cant you just do tournaments? Not a big singleplayer person so idk. There are plenty of guides on youtube though that will give you tips to get you started
  12. Etonviper

    multiplayer base is dying faster than TW can push out updates

    all the content in the world wont make a bad game good
    uninstall then
  13. Etonviper

    multiplayer base is dying faster than TW can push out updates

    When a big balance patch is considered a "huge multiplayer update" you know its not good. No content being added is what is killing the game. I will take any update I can get but for the casual player base, Chiv 2 has the content you will see in bannerlord in 3 years and it was just released. I understand it is a small group working on multiplayer but is there no possible way to plea for more help on it?
  14. Etonviper

    I Love This Game

    Love hate relationship
  15. Etonviper

    [NADL] Sign-up [Signups Done]

    Player Name: Etonviper
    Main Class: Infantry
    Main Gamemode Played: skirmish
    Your Country: USA
    Your State: Massachusetts
  16. Etonviper

    No multiplayer inclusion in Dev update 8

    well this thread went into the ****ter quickly. Im not even mad about it tho 😂
  17. Etonviper

    No multiplayer inclusion in Dev update 8

    Just wondering if there are some smaller details in the works that we might expect that did not make the cut for the dev update. Maybe even just saying what the main bulk of the multiplayer update is focusing on. Thank you devs, hope to hear from you.
  18. Etonviper

    dead game?

    it dead dead. best option is to wait for next update. You might find some dayd where people will play but 75% of the week its dead. its sad
  19. Etonviper

    Queue time loops back to 00:00 after an hour, plz fix

    I want to start a WR comp on longest queue times and as I was about to hit my record of 1 hour but it looped back to 0. Not sure if this is a bug but im kinda pissed that I cant be hittin 3 hour queue times and setting a fat standard that possibly could be beat within 4 hours. This screenshot is...
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