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  1. yourNotAlone

    Gibby's Video Thread

    I'm so proud of my Senate boys
  2. yourNotAlone

    Poland vs NA discussion thread

    NA players finally redeemed themselves after being **** on by EU players in their own tournaments for 9 years straight, nice.

    Then again, you literally beat cancer last night so Ima cheer for you in the finals  :party:
  3. yourNotAlone

    Native Completed [ESSC III] 2x2 - Tournament over! - Congratulations to Gibby & Arni

    Sorry for the delay! I think Ascarion and me got the default anyway but we won 18-15 against Leonidas&Haakon
  4. yourNotAlone

    [NC2019] Group Stage Week 5

    That crash was such a pity, GGs nonetheless.
  5. yourNotAlone

    [NC2019] Questions & Suggestions

    Tardet said:
    yourNotAlone said:
    There is a high chance of China playing against one of the Argentinian teams in playoffs. How is that going to be handled?
    The seedings for the playoffs are not 100% confirmed, so don't take what's on the google doc for the truth because it might very well be completly different.
    That actually sucks lmao
  6. yourNotAlone

    [NC2019] Questions & Suggestions

    There is a high chance of China playing against one of the Argentinian teams in playoffs. How is that going to be handled?
  7. yourNotAlone

    [TWC] €1000+ Cross-Module Tournament Signups

    ObelixNW said:
    PepperKP said:
    Sweet jesus this thread should win awards please keep going

    i've already told you why mechanical skill can't be judged as accurately under group situation, i've showed you that individual capability relevance, which is the base of my today argumentation, is negatively impacted when in group rather than one on one situation. How can you continue to argue, individual mechanical skill plays a bigger role in a groupfighting than in duels.
    It's so simple. 2 players. One matrice (the game script by the server). 2 players sends information tho the matrice, (theirs moves), the matrice says who won contest. Cool. We're sure of who did great, there's only 2 player. We can tell to try out precise moves to judge them. 10 players. One matrice. 10 players sends information to the matrice. Cool we have a winners too, but...wait the results has been influenced by 10 people, ok cool why not...but wait, this is an individual mechanical skill lists, there's one rating per player, because ego is a solo story right, so 10 players information outcome, will show ..some very great variable bull**** when it comes to individual mechanical talent. I think at that point i've said any reasonable things possible to make you come closer to the truth golden and the others ones. You play the same mechanical melody in duel and gf combat, you changes your moves decision and behavior depending, but not the mechanical execution which is the talent skill lists should be about, absolutly needed in both type of combat, but with far more judging accuracy potential in one than in the other.

    this should be a copy pasta
  8. yourNotAlone

    [NC2019] Group Stage Week 1

    In case it happens again: why not let the round time go to zero while staying in spawn and agree on not buying anything new? In that case *most* of the equipment stays the same and no team will have a disadvantage when the whole map is being restarted.
  9. yourNotAlone

    Nations Banners

    Really really great work! Some of these are just fantastic to look at. Thanks alot
  10. yourNotAlone

    [BladeCast - Storyline] Last chance saloon for the United-Kingdom

    PepperKP said:
    yourNotAlone said:
    UK would be better without Pepper
    That's it Lenny, I've had enough
    I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, Matty
  11. yourNotAlone

    [BladeCast - Interview] Barto - Italian Captain

    The last two questions are the same other than that a very interesting interview! Thank you :grin:
  12. yourNotAlone

    The Pantheon

    Really great work once again!

    Btw, NC 2017 Team Rosters Hyperlink links to NC2018 Team Rosters
  13. yourNotAlone

    Who Would be in Your Dream Team?

    Caius_III said:
    I forgot about Superlili, he was a beast, nice pick

    Fietta said:
    Infantry (5): Fietta Deacon Scar Cleric Superlilli
    yeah. props to Fietta for that inspiration
  14. yourNotAlone

    Who Would be in Your Dream Team?

    Infantry (5): Scar, M, Anchor, Superlilli, Charlini/Napoleon (C)
    Archers (3): Rainbow, LeRoux, Prince/NeLe
    Cavalry (4): Crusader, Sikici, Shema, Hives
  15. yourNotAlone

    The best shooters with the best reaction.

    Putting me over LeRoux, ReD WaR, Sota, RD, Horace, Meldo and even OGL in Melee is an insult to all of them
  16. yourNotAlone

    Top Rangers Of Europe [CURRENT]

    Kiano, Pepper and OGL are overrated af
  17. yourNotAlone

    Top 100 Warband Players (A Spectator's List)

    This is so cool  :grin: Thanks alot for your work!
    I think it's kinda lame to brag with your own clips but this is one of my proudest warband moments so feel free to include it:
  18. yourNotAlone

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Atre said:
    are you trolling?

    yes he is, and i also think that he really has some real life problems which are effecting the games he play.
    otherwise how can you insult and bully others in a dead game (competitive warband) which has been played by roughly 50 people or so :lol:

    Great feedback, thank you. We will get back to you later.
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