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  1. doctorwarband

    Looks good, good luck!

    Hope it works for you :)
  2. doctorwarband

    From your perspective, should I or should I not start a clan for VC?

    I want to, but will the player base be big enough so I'll be able to pull it off? Cheers.
  3. doctorwarband

    Lore Problem - Fix Fix fix!

    Hey everyone, there's a bit of a fault in the lore campaign I would like you to solve: When ever I wait the 30 days in the Welsh castle, after talking to the Brytenwalda's Brother, the Ship Captain (that you do something to in Doccinga) comes to you and wants to join you. Now, here is the...
  4. doctorwarband

    My Brand New VC let's play series!

    Hey guys, how are you today? I am a YouTuber, and I made a series about the lore of the VC DLC. I was thinking this might be the best place to post this, so he you go! Part 1: Part 2: Coming Soon Cheers! David.
  5. doctorwarband

    Good luck with the mod :)

    Good luck!
  6. doctorwarband

    DoctorWarbandHD Twitch Streaming!

    Heyo everyone! My name is DoctorWarband (not on this forum, but doesn't matter) and I am a small, starting YouTuber. And I want to start streaming this mod on my Twitch! So, this thread is here to show streaming schedules and ect! Right now I will be only streaming on Tuesdays, just to see...
  7. doctorwarband

    Friday Shield-battle: 19:00 GMT +0

    Information Hello! This is the page for the Friday Shield Battle, every Friday at 19:00 GMT. It is not a event with strict rules, but we do have some to keep it fun for everyone. In this event we will have 6 rounds. Every two rounds will be a faction and possibly a map change, and the admin...
  8. doctorwarband

    Legio V Alaudae [EU\NA] Recruiting!- Disbanded, mod's inactive-

    History of the Legio V Legio V was involved in a mutiny on the Rhine in AD 14. Their emblem depicted an elephant and was awarded in 46 BC for bravery against a charge of elephants in the Battle of Thapsus. Known locations for V Alaudae include: Battle of Pharsalus: 48 BC Battle of Uzita...
  9. doctorwarband

    Wings 3d problem

    I want to make a sword in Wings, the thing is, I can't put more then 1 shape in each session I model, is it possible to add more then 1 shape in the same session? EDIT: I have a problem, my mouse just disappeared while using the program.
  10. doctorwarband

    I have got a question about my laptop motherboard

    A few months ago I had a lot of Blue Screen crashes and such, so I removed one RAM slot (of 4 GB) and switched the one that I kept in place between the 2 slots. Now I will try switching the RAM it self to see if it or the motherboard doesn't work. If it's the motherboard, I need to replace the...
  11. doctorwarband

    Debate: Chocolate

    Choose teh best Chocolate eva in leif. <3 Options:
  12. doctorwarband

    The Black Pearl Raiders [EU]

    Introduction Our Enemy, Arthur Wellesley We are the pirates of the 7 seas! We are the livin' legend! We are the Black Pearl Raiders! The Brits fear us. The French try to befriend us. The Spanish are sellin' their slaves to us. We make'em rich, and then we plunder them arses. Originally...
  13. doctorwarband

    Golani Brigade (Spec Ops) Recruiting! W.I.P

    The Golani Brigade (also known as the 1st Brigade) is an Israeli infantry brigade that is subordinated to the 36th Division and traditionally associated with the Northern Command. Its symbol is a green tree on a yellow background, and its soldiers wear a brown beret. It is one of the most highly...
  14. doctorwarband

    Kingdom of Silbidilia (EU) Recruiting!

    History The Kingdom of Silbidilia was a Rebelling Duchy under the kings rule in the land of Silbidilia, that took over the throne and kept silence in the land for many years. For a long time the Duchy was rich and wealthy, until the marching armies of the Duchy of Roughson marched over their...
  15. doctorwarband

    79th (Cameron Highlanders) Regiment of Foot [EU\NA] [Recruiting!]

    The regiment was formed at the height of the French Revolutionary Wars, and moved to the Netherlands in 1794 where it took part in an unsuccessful campaign, before being evacuated back to Great Britain. On its return the 79th Foot was listed for disbandment, with the men being drafted into other...
  16. doctorwarband

    Congratz on the sub boards!

    ~~ Reserving clan~~ Ithilien Rangers
  17. doctorwarband

    The Ithilien Rangers [WIP] [EU]

    Thread is WIP will add some stuff in the meantime. Note! This clan is for Jarvisimo's mod the Velied Stars! I reserve the name from fear that someone will take it.
  18. doctorwarband

    Custom made scrolls/headers for Regiment pages by order.

    Hello dear TW NW community, Recently I started to see a lot of regiments with no proper looking pages. So I decided to give them some help with their threads by making customized photoshop stuff. Here are some of my stuff: For information add me on steam. Liam Malky.
  19. doctorwarband

    The closing of EU_Spirit

    Scippio, Why did you close the server?
  20. doctorwarband

    I need good pictures of Makedonian hoplons\Roman Stuff

    The best you can find! I will be grateful If you'll help me! Thanks in advance.
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