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  1. Askey

    Is There a Way To Report When A Server Is Down

    Is there an official way to report a downed server? Personally only prefer playing on the Siege (EU) server and it has a habit of randomly crashing and disappearing from the server list. This can last over an hour before it reappears again. Not a large fan of the TDM mosh-pit mode, Captain or...
  2. Askey

    Kingdom Banners

    At the moment individual Lord banners in the game are forgettable, bland and seem to blend into one and the other because they are the same colour. I honestly couldn't put a Lords face to his banner. They all might as well have one generic banner for each Kingdom for all the Lords at the moment...
  3. Askey

    Light Crossbow (Skill Requirement 0) - Solved

    Recently I created a new character with the idea of making a mercenary company. All would be crossbow men and we would support different armies of a particular faction. I noticed that with the current crossbows you need a skill of 20. So I farmed exp in practice fights over and over until I...
  4. Askey

    No Campaign - No Invite From Marshal

    My selected faction is France, but ive noticed that after 70 days or so (when I joined the faction), I haven't been invited to a campaign by the marshal, am I missing something? Or is it by chance, that the current Marshal is utterly defensive... Has anyone else experienced this? EDIT-Aye the...
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