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  1. Need More Info EU Skirmish servers are laggy

    High packet loss kills all the fun
  2. Resolved Clan War system doesn't work

    You can't host a game through Clan War system.
  3. Need More Info Silent cav

    Summary: Cav is silent, you can't hear it. How to Reproduce: Just play the game and you'll understand. Scene Name (if related): It happens on every map. Media (Screenshots & Video): soon
  4. Resolved 3v3 bug

    Sometimes server cannot be fully filled, even if people are queuing.
  5. Resolved New 2v2 mode

    I don't want to be rude, but are you guys even testing the new patch before releasing it? After all 2 people from each side have joined the game, the game starts and no one else can join it.
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