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  1. Userre

    My ideas on how to streamline the new kingdom process

    Right now, creating a new kingdom is really difficult in Bannerlord. This is to be expected; there should be a lot of preparing, planning, and investment in order to create a fully functioning effective kingdom that can ward off other kingdoms. However, I think that this difficulty should...
  2. Userre

    Suggestion: #MakeMercsGreatAgain (A post advocating for an increase in the strength of mercenary units and mercenary clans)

    In the real medieval / classical times, mercenaries were often incredibly powerful tools. This is because mercenaries were often highly experienced and were well equipped. It was quite expensive to hire mercenaries, but it was well worth it for states that couldn't reliably retain armies in...
  3. Userre

    Some thoughts on the general pacing of Bannerlord and how it could be improved given its feature set

    Bannerlord's pacing has been a somewhat contentious topic since launch. This is primarily due to snowballing. The devs did an excellent job in really tackling that problem, and so it doesn't feel like the rush to king that it used to be. However, the pacing of the game as it currently stands...
  4. Userre

    Allow clan armies to be created while not in a kingdom

    One of the most useful features added to the game that help players start new factions is the clan system. It's no longer just you when you try to become an upstart ruler, but your clan (and its parties) should be there with you. Except it's not possible to create a kingdom without a fief. And...
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