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    Discussion about cavalry balance and knock downs

    Well I know that most people don't agree with me as this is something i've discussed with many of the veterans of the game but i've always despised bumps at all. Two things to be said about that right off the bat. One: most people don't utilize it like i hate it, maybe 1% of players are good enough to make it miserable. Two: I even would say it's difficult enough to master that it's just personal that I don't like it. Past that though there is obviously a split second after a bump with good timing to lower someone's block forcing a hit, combined with the fact that at that speed you will be doing good damage, equalling unblockable unstoppable full power swings consistently is infuriating to me. Furthermore two handed weapons on cavalry! PLEASE remove them. Unbalanced unrealistic unfun overpowered and straight up looks silly. Of course it's "cool" and "fun" for the person riding around with a one shot max range unblockable swing attack riding around getting free kills as fast as they can click. For the rest of us it RUINS tdm it's AWFUL and needs to be removed entirely. who's steering the horse? why does every person on a horse have olympic levels of balance and titanium grips plus being bolted ontop of the horse somehow? Scimitars are a mounted weapon they are curved which inflicts less damage but tends to get stuck inside people less due to that curve letting it slide around the swing. a MENAVLION FUNCTIONALY WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE, a glaive maybe with accuracy and a lifetime of practice might work a few times before it got stuck and ripped from your hands by force with the magic of physics but a MENAVLION would break or be ripped away instantly.
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    correct me if i'm wrong but isn't the short bow what the basic one you start with already and then superior is the one you spec into? what is this??????????????????????????????????????????????
    • Short Bow
      • Accuracy decreased from 91 to 84
      • Damage decreased from 49 to 46
    • Superior Bow
      • Accuracy decreased from 90 to 72
      • Damage decreased from 56 to 32
    I don't think it's fair to judge the stat changes on ranged weapons before we see how they interact with the ranged combat changes, I'm excepting the superior bow to work like a semi-automatic rife.
    oh i get it they are patching guns into the game i forgot about that annoucement ?!

    It ain't fixed (I also did 125 damage from time to time), in 1.5.5 only 2h mauls/maces will do CT the devs said. There is a fix underway, keep your calm.
    i get that they want to fairly implement this into the game it just that it's ****ing trash it's just trash
    always been trash always will be trash because everyone everytime they get crushed through is going to not like it happening to them always even the slow ones in warband were frustrating at least they had counterplay but genuinely just irritated most players most of the time ffs what a waste of consideration there are significantly larger problems to be addressed but this is wasting time why can people swing two handers on a horse? who's driving the horse? have you heard of reigns? who in the actual world has the balance of a gymnastic olympic rider that can effectively swing a glaive putting all there weight into a two handed swing on one side of a horse and keep riding away how do physics not dismount that person instantly.
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    Maybe Crush Through helps balance captain mode or something, but that's for AI, for PVP anyone with the slightest idea on how to actually melee doesn't want it. The devs really just need to give up on the idea that balancing EVE and PVP is ever going to work in this game. Maybe just keep Crush Through for the Maul, but make it shorter and slower like the Great Hammer in Warband.
    100 points to the reasonable solution finder
    Hunting Longbow
    • Accuracy increased from 90 to 96
    • Damage increased from 54 to 60

    Superior Bow
    • Accuracy decreased from 90 to 72
    • Damage decreased from 56 to 32
    this one is a big sigh is there a way to facepalm until my head explodes
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    This is what Taleworlds actually did for multiplayer this patch x_x Multiplayer Design & Balance Crush Through: Increased crush through energy threshold. Made it slightly easier to crush through with 2h maces in relation to the energy threshold change. but what if it said this...
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    Why is TW still not allowing custom servers?

    Too true, the one game i have looked foward too for 10 years is a massive fail mp wise and will never recover, anyone know a billionaire to make what we want?
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    Ways to fix crush through

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    Crushed through! The worst thing mechanic ever? Actually it is!

    originally i did this epic graph by hand to make a point but computers don't read spaces so that's effed but here's a screenshot. of course this isn't real with like proof or anything it's just what i feel personally but hopefully it raises other people to voice their opinions and we can start...
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    NA Skirmish Completed Royal Rat Rumble Tournament

    Steam Name: fyren338
    Do you have a mic? Yes
    Would you be interested in being a captain? maybe
    Do you have prior team tournament experience?: ya
    Are you available on weekends and weekday nights? ya
    Do you pledge yourself to Rat Royal Family? Blood rat exemption
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    Kicking needs to be nerfed!

    You're not wrong but the rumor was they were going to fix it is what I heard
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    Modified Combat Parameters

    if I start a swing, and then notice that my swing won't hit, I want to take it back. If I'm quick enough to realize my swing won't work I want to instantly be able to go back to blocking. Which you could in warband! You're combat sense and speed allowed fixing of mistakes. If you start the wrong swing in bannerlord. You're f'd there's nothing you can do, panic and try to block but the animation of starting the swing takes priority too bad. Made weirder by the fact that stances effect heavily how that applies and movement effects the stances. It's become the game's fault that I died and nothing is more frustrating in a skill based game to die due to faults in the game instead of your own mistakes.
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    Pilas, are very much too powerful (other projectiles guilty too)

    (several people I know have quit playing because of them) Most people aren't speaking out against the problem, they are just leaving and never playing again. KSHMR probably knows several himself but is too happy to abuse the broken system and remain better than they should be to admit it.
  12. Fyren338

    Pilas, are very much too powerful (other projectiles guilty too)

    I'm not confusing the pilas you are, it's named pila like... i think you're eager to prove your smart and right and kind of ruining the point. The historical part, is just an attempt to fix a problem with the game from a different perspective. An attempt I regret now because a historian gets to flex, with horse blinders on. Plus, technically, I'd be ecstatic to remove everything else you just listed so thanks for bringing it up. Great point. From the historian's mouth himself.
  13. Fyren338

    Pilas, are very much too powerful (other projectiles guilty too)

    Subjectively a myth bud and it's well known they do bend when being pulled out quite often
  14. Fyren338

    Pilas, are very much too powerful (other projectiles guilty too)

    Well, in essence the title pretty much states it but as follow through; Pilas are awful and dumb everybody I know hates them (several people I know have quit playing because of them) . Also being able to kick, and then throw a pila into somebody before they can do anything, is 100% broken...
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    [NABB] Match Fixtures Week 2

    Ruby 6 vs 0 Northern Legion 3

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    SUNDAY NIGHT SERVER CRASH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO really fun besides that little terribad part
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    [NABB] Match Fixtures Week 1

    Ruby 2 - 6 Honorbound


  18. Fyren338

    [NABB] Match Fixtures Week 1

    HB vs Ruby 6/22 @ 9pm est
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