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    New version v0120 will soon be released!

    We are having a couple of people testing it right now, soon it will be released to the public.
  2. Sauron_mate

    New version Progress

    As of 7/26/2014. New version progress can be tracked via Moddb
  3. Sauron_mate

    Performance Patch Released for v0119 [512KB, 7/26/2014]

    Since the release of v0120 this is no longer needed.
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    OSP Medieval 2D Art Black Knight and Bronze Knight Armour Pack

    Greetings! Base model were done by Narf of Picklestink, these are just in different colours. Screenies: I'll put some up, here they are: In-game screenshots: You can download archive with models in OBJ format  and textures here: PY code: ["blacksale_salad", "Black Visored Sallet with...
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    Updated Map Pack [Reserved]

    Since the release of v0120 this is now on reserved
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    New version v0119 released!

    Navy unintentionally touched some of the scenes in v0118 and some of them became bugged. They can cause a massive crash on all players when map auto change to those. Therefore we have no choice but to release a new version to fix this major bug as well as some balancing, map fixing and some new...
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    List of Updated v0120 Servers! Updated 08/08/2014

    FI2 Official v0120 Wolfpack v0120 ICA (Imperial Chinese Army v0120) Dwarven The two other v0120 server is temporary, which means they will be gone soon. The rest of the servers are still running v0119.
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    v0118 For Hosters before releasing it public [Download Link Included]

    To all hosters:  We will give you a copy of v0118 so that you can update your server in advance before uploading it to Moddb so that when players grab the new version there will be servers running the latest version. If you are one of the hosters. Please download v0118 and update your server...
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    Updated Map Pack Released - Fixed many maps with glitchable spots (19/06/2014)

    This is the latest map updates by the devs of FI2, this is a must for hosters if you want to have a almost glitch free server on all maps. Arthur spend alot of time working on these and fixing them. to install put the folder SceneObj onto Full Invasion2 server folder, if done right it will ask...
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    v0118 MP Progress

    v0118 Progress Updated 17/06/2014 - Release date :Soon Some Screenies for v0118 Takeda Cavalry Date No Dachi Samurai: Grey Samurai: Bronze Knight: White Maximian Set:
  11. Sauron_mate

    Tutorial on How to Install Full Invasion 2 (With Video)

    This video explains it all: Please note that there is no longer two different versions for each release. The current release of the mod (Amber 2.0) is based on the old low-res version, as the high-res version was too big to run on any PC without crashing.
  12. Sauron_mate

    v017 Previews + Factions Overhaul Ideas Thread (New preview)

    New Futuristic Soldier: New Gondor Armor: Black Gondor Armor: New Uruks: Roman Golden Armor set inspired by Ryse son of Rome T-Rex Attacking- Raptors searching for survivors: now people, (Factions Overhaul Ideas (Adding new troops to existing factions) Us Developers would like...
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    its been long... :D
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    How to change names in main menu screen?

    In warband mainmenu, you have 'Start a new game', #Multiplayer, and such, i looked into various py files and still have no clue on how to edit these names. i know some mod like NW already disable the button 'Start a new game'. but how?
  15. Sauron_mate

    Question regarding putting all brf into one

    Hi all, i heard from some people and they said that if you put all/most brf files together, (merge them into one), it will make the mod run alot faster when you are at the loading screen. is that true? The question is; is it better to have 100 Brf files, or 200 Brf files?
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    Python editor

    Is there any other python editor except morph editor? sup people?
  17. Sauron_mate

    Changing grey smoke from Warband into WFAS / NW yellow smoke

    By using module system, is there a way to change warband grey smoke into NW/ WFAS red/yellow smoke? Grey smoke is very unrealistic, i want to see those smokes u see in WFAS / NW, anyone?
  18. Sauron_mate

    Warband limit on the amount of Skin you can have?

    So my mod have reach the max amount of Skin, we want to have as many skins we want so certain troops can have unique sounds and make different noise. For example French Infantry will speaks French while British speaks English, Ghost makes creepy noise etc. any one have experience in this?
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    Is this mod OSP?

    Please help
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