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  1. LootMoar

    [DISCUSSION] Fan Suggestion Thread

    gorjak said:
    Hm, I never tried that before - I thought it'd trigger the cheating warnings & 'achievement' like the battlefield cheats do. I'll give it a shot now though, really don't want to have to completely scrap my current save just when things are getting good & slog through the early game all over again.

    Yup - only the in-battle cheats make you lose achievement bonuses.  Ctrl + H cheat (health) and Ctrl + F4 cheat (if that's the one that damages enemies in battle).

    So you can active cheat menu (Ctrl + ~, then type cheatmenu, hit enter, select Camp. "Nocheatmenu" to turn it off) and use this to find all the items in the game so you don't have to wait for it in shops.
    You can also use a save game editor, and copy the inventory stats from your precious save to your new one by typing it manually. This also has the benefit of passing along any stats like Lordly or Balanced etc.
  2. LootMoar

    [TUTORIAL] Custom Knighthood Order

    Joshua Ryde said:
    Thanks for the rapid replies! From the sounds of it the better gear they get the more expensive they become??
    I meant that they're starting cost from the day i founded my order was 121 for the Knights of my Order....they'd better not become more pricey otherwise they'll be entering Hero Adventurer cost :O :sad:
    But thanks for the info, very helpful - might just stick with upgrading Silvermist Rangers since with 4 upgrades (150k) they end up being better than Noldor Rangers stat wise (- Noldor Bow).

    I can't remember exact numbers but pricing is affected by the following:
    • Higher levels
    • Having a horse (guaranteed mounted)
    • Being a mercenary
    • AND - archers over level 30. (they count as archers if they're guaranteed ranged weapons I think).
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    Request - Make D'shar Djaha Archers trainable from D'shar Dervishes

    It's actually very easy to do this!
    (firstly - there is actually a thread for requests/suggestions, and people are more inclined to respond there. There's another for quick questions!)

    Download Morgh's Tools to edit the troops for future games. If you don't like using tools, you can simply open  "troops.txt", find the line for D'Share Dervishes, and the last two numbers (in blue and green) on that line correspond to the two troop IDs that they will upgrade to. 0 means no upgrade. 99 would correspond to whatever troop (I don't know them offhand, sorry). The following is from the old version of PoP:
    troops.txt said:
    trp_dshar_dervish D'Shar_Dervish D'Shar_Dervishes 0 108003328 0 0 3 99 0

    Or, if you have already started a game, you can actually use a savegame editor. It's pretty easy.

    We refer to this as "meddling with the occult". Don't let Noosers find out!
  4. LootMoar

    [DISCUSSION] Fan Suggestion Thread

    It would be fun if there could be "shades" or some sort of assassin that have the same stats and armour and face as your player's character.
    What with the heretics and all, it wouldn't surprise me if they could send out assassins to attack someone of [over a certain amount of renown] by sending out tormented souls that take on the form of the target. That'd be such fun!
  5. LootMoar

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Epicrules said:
    Capture town, talk to king, "hi please accept my fealty" "ok"

    At least, that's how I remember it.

    Me too! But there's no such option. I suppose it had been removed then!
  6. LootMoar

    How do you feel about the new look of the Ancient Engraved Shield?

    I like how tangible the old one was.
    It was rounded and had intricate engravings, just as you'd expect from a super rare old artefact. And it looked really heavy.
    The new one is very pretty, but doesn't have that mystique or weight behind it. It looks more like a fantastic image placed onto a flat board.

    Though in response to Whitestrake - you're quite right about the difference between ancient and weathered. I suppose I really like the "weathered" element of the ancient shield - it makes it feel like it has a history!
  7. LootMoar

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Is it possible to capture a town or castle and then swear fealty to a faction? (In order to join a faction with your own fiefs).
  8. LootMoar

    Prophesy of Pendor 3.705 Bug and Support Thread (Ask all of your questions here)

    Swordar said:
    How i can send you picture ?

    Is your picture already online? Right click on the picture where you found it and choose "copy image URL" or "copy image address" or "copy image location". It should be one of those. This is the direct link to the image. If you paste that into your web bar it'll just load the picture.

    Then you can simply paste that link here.

    If you want to be fancy, highlight the link and click the button that's an icon of the Mona Lisa that says "Insert Image" when you hover over it.
  9. LootMoar

    [MEDIA] Prophesy of Pendor Screenshots


    ...I wonder what they're running from if they're willing to take on and capture Noldor and Heretics alike!

  10. LootMoar

    Mount and Blade Warband for the Mac!

    ZyNfrix said:
    So I purchase M&B Warband off of steam for mac and I cannot seem to export my character. It says it was exported but there's no files for it. There's also not folder name CharExport as I've seen on some other websites. I have all of my hidden folders showing also. I just cannot figure out how to export my character. Please help!!!

    It's in the MBWarband folder in your Application Support. Go to finder, click Go (in toolbar), hold 'alt', then select Library that appears. Then Applications Support > MBWarband > Mount and Blade Warband Characters. Tada!  That's where your exported character files are.

    yasonk said:
    I bought Mount & Blade Warband 2-3 years ago and used it with the Mac Port from Paul. Now that the game is available for Mac, how can I download the Mac version and use the same serial?

    I believe the key should still register with the Steam version, as said here. Now if you're asking about how to download it, if steam doesn't let you initially then I'm sorry I don't know.

    freek said:
    Im a mac user too! Does anyone know what key it is to speed up movement on the world map?? I use parallels.
    Thnks! :grin:
    You'll probably have a much better time with the game if you either use PaulTheTall's Warband (he has Napoleonic wars too), or purchasing it on Steam! They're both mac friendly and don't require a virtual machine.
    Holding ctrl and spacebar together speeds up movement for me.
  11. LootMoar

    Can I change the initial stats and equipment of the CHKO?

    I've done this with success. I'd manually edit the text file.

    There are multiple "player order knights" and sargeants. Editing 1 pair had no effect, another caused the unit to be treated as a companion somehow, but the third worked flawlessly!!!

    I only edited items, proficiencies, and strength, didn't touch initial skills. It actually caused them to start with 8 available skill points, but no effect.

    Keep in mind that items that require power draw or requirements won't be equipped until they're met. Also items not normally available for purchase for CKO won't show up in their shopping inventory ever, but they will use them in battle. (Eg Vanskerry shield or rune bows)
  12. LootMoar

    Steam Achievement Typo

    The "Help Help I'm Being Repressed" achievement's description is "Harass wondering peasants on the map." Should be: Harass wandering peasants on the map. Wondering = Curious to know something. Wandering = Travelling aimlessly from place to place.
  13. LootMoar

    Who would be interested?

    Actually, no - This mod is the result of hard work and dedication towards the mod itself without any financial incentives. People in the past have mentioned giving donations, and the response has been that this would basically alter the motivation for the mod. I believe also that there are things people allow PoP to use as long as they don't profit financially off them.

    Luckily we do not know when banner lord will come out, which means we do not know if PoP will be adapted.

    My personal guess is it will be if Bannerlord is as good as it is claiming to be!
  14. LootMoar

    [MEDIA] Prophesy of Pendor Screenshots

    Alavaria said:
    even though I just want to be someone else's vassal. Oh well, I have to hide my crown somewhere... where the king will never think to look...

    A bookish medic.

    Ahahah genius.
  15. LootMoar

    [DISCUSSION] Fan Suggestion Thread

    More flavour per faction regarding quests.
    Also, if tavern keeps / village elders could somehow be given a backstory so we care about some of them, that'd be really exciting!

    • Different faction villages could offer different quests - need help with wild bears and wolves, fetching camels, specific supplies for trades etc
    • More ambush-like things - again with bears, or wolves 
    • Village elders could send you out on more quests for kidnapped members (like the first quest when you start the game, which differs depending on faction!)
    • Guild masters could have personalities - honourable likes you aiding villagers and escorting caravans | cunning secretly hires you to raid competing caravans or villagers from a more productive town!
  16. LootMoar

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Is it possible to include the VI for custom battles?

    And - how would one add extra factions/groups to the choices available for custom battles?
  17. LootMoar

    Knighthood custom order - decreasing time of upgrading

    I do believe upgrade time relates to cost of items. Morgh's Editor lets you change item prices but that may have other averse effects on your game!
  18. LootMoar

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    For the random founded knighthood orders - if you capture their castle will they eventually appear in your garrison?

    They do fill up the garrison when the castle does not belong to you, but not anymore since I captured it for myself :sad:. (And no I don't have any stored in the garrison already).
  19. LootMoar

    Best Slave Force

    Doomguides are the best of the best.
    They are mounted, have noldor bows, and Doom maces, which are probably the best blunt weapons available.

    They're from the Three Seers army:
    Seer initiate> Seer favourite > Doomguide

    So in that regard you have to be lucky to have them and capture some people from the patrol.

    Or, if you have a quails gem, look up how to gamble with a town guild master. You may win some!
  20. LootMoar

    Fingolfin - The Legendary Warrior

    - I really like this, especially how you described the lore beforehand and tied it into the beginning!

    - Great themes for your companions, but they're so evil. Booooo!

    - How did you get Maltise's armour? The rest I can see happening overtime with chance.

    Best of luck! This background and your storytelling skills mean we're in for an exciting adventure indeed!

    I think Lothario was the last chap who did a fantastic role play with lots of updates.

    Best of luck and Merry Christmas!
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