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  1. Fyren338


    This is what Taleworlds actually did for multiplayer this patch x_x Multiplayer Design & Balance Crush Through: Increased crush through energy threshold. Made it slightly easier to crush through with 2h maces in relation to the energy threshold change. but what if it said this...
  2. Fyren338

    Crushed through! The worst thing mechanic ever? Actually it is!

    originally i did this epic graph by hand to make a point but computers don't read spaces so that's effed but here's a screenshot. of course this isn't real with like proof or anything it's just what i feel personally but hopefully it raises other people to voice their opinions and we can start...
  3. Fyren338

    Pilas, are very much too powerful (other projectiles guilty too)

    Well, in essence the title pretty much states it but as follow through; Pilas are awful and dumb everybody I know hates them (several people I know have quit playing because of them) . Also being able to kick, and then throw a pila into somebody before they can do anything, is 100% broken...
  4. Fyren338

    Need More Info NADuel server crashes and video proof of what's doing it (francescas)

    Summary: title How to Reproduce: Throw a francesca on the ground and the server crashes for most people at the moment Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Version...
  5. Fyren338

    Resolved Name causes issues in chat

    Summary: So like the title if you use certain names your chat name gets messed with How to Reproduce: set your steam to [Ruby]<- and you'll get a large code mentioning font color. I also had different error code with Fyren[Ruby]{Join or DIE} that i wasn't able to reproduce for a screenshot, it...
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