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  1. Lukar

    Patch Notes e1.6.3

    you absolutely need to fix the pixelated graphic bug. Your game is unplayable.
    Disable sharpening thats causing the pixalated bug.
  2. Lukar

    Resolved Pixelated graphics since update

    @MArdA TaleWorlds Instead of introducing new broken mechanics you guys should fix the big buglist first. As soon the game is fixed then add new content.
  3. Lukar

    Unresolved Scene Editor Waterbug from far distances.

    It seems there is a waterbug as soon i zoom out: The bug will also be without water enabled but barely visible.
  4. Lukar

    Resolved Character customization graphical bug with beards.

    Since early acces release i cant use some beards they are invisble or have a graphical bug. On the screenshoot downbelow you can see one of these beards what are not working and having an graphical bug.
  5. Lukar

    Patch Notes e1.6.3

    Where can i download it manualy ? I can't get it on Steam
    In the beta tabs of bannerlord in propertys.
  6. Lukar

    Graphic problem

    Ah i see u guys mean the background is pixalated? This bug is since early acces.
  7. Lukar

    How many Days?

    TaleWorlds should delay the release date for 2022 to 2025 because the game is way to unstable at this moment. There are so many things they promised us in the weekly dev blogs what are still not in the game. I preffer to have an finished stable game instead of an rushed release with 50% lacking in content. They should not add any new content till the bug-list got fixed. We waited for 8 years and for another 3 years i dont care if atleast the game will be how in our visions.
  8. Lukar

    Graphic problem

    Disableling sharpening in video settings had fixed the pixalated graphics.
  9. Lukar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.4

    Are we going to get a patch today?
    Have a nice day :smile:
    I can see much movement on SteamDB. It seems like either we get an hotfix today or 1.6.5 beta.
  10. Lukar

    [Poll] Do we want AI clans to die?

    I voted for no because clans should not be destoyed easy/fast. But without destroying clans the game would be immersion breaking.
  11. Lukar

    Campaign Map needs a reshade

    I think Bannerlord is way to bright and it should have more realistic colors like in the old videos. A complete reshade for a more realistic look should be added.
  12. Lukar

    In Progress Scene Editor Graphical bug after saving the scene.

    Could you capture a screnshot of the graphical bugs?
    @MArdA TaleWorlds When i save the scene my complete scene gets graphical issues. After i toggle an layer no matter which one the bug is gone.

  13. Lukar

    In Progress Scene Editor Graphical bug after saving the scene.

    After i press the save button my whole scene gets graphical bugs. Only fixalbe by pressing on every single square sectors.
  14. Lukar

    Resolved Pixelated Graphics Regardless of Settings

    I have the same bug at 1.6.3 and 1.6.4. Don't know about another versions, I haven;t play for a 2 mounth
    The bug has come with 1.6.3 beta and in 1.6.4 beta its still not fixed.
  15. Lukar

    Future Plans

    More RP elements like more freedoom for kingdom creation. To be able to have not the same banner colors like the choosen culture. Character customization for companions. An reason to visit settlement scenes for better immersion. Army cheering. Siege FIX. Better Ai behaviour.
  16. Lukar

    Creating a new clan should be expanded on with more features and more depth

    Aaand another episode of "modders will take care of this".
    That is not the task for modders! It is TaleWorlds job.
  17. Lukar

    Resolved Pixelated graphics since update

    In screenshots the problem is not looking like ingame, ingame is absolutly worse its like the last resolution scale like on 0.
  18. Lukar

    Resolved Pixelated graphics since update

    We are aware of this issue. Thanks for reporting.
  19. Lukar

    Why were the siege battles fixed by a modder and not by TaleWorlds?

    You should start a series: Lukar's Believe It or Not.
    What makes you think that?
  20. Lukar

    Why were the siege battles fixed by a modder and not by TaleWorlds?

    I just can't believe how a single modder has solved the Siege problem so perfectly and TaleWorlds with 100 employees still hasn't managed it after 1 and a half years. What could be the reason?
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