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  1. DaN_CZ

    Suggestion- fire damage, character behavior in water

    I was wondering if you intend to implement fire damage to the game? You know when you step to a fire you should get 🔥 burned. An animation for being set in fire would be cool too. Another idea is for swimming/floating in a water💧depending on the weight of your armor + some limiter for holding...
  2. DaN_CZ

    My character got too skinny, why?

    I wonder why my character suddenly lost all the muscles especially in upper chest and shoulder area. I think i did not look like that in the beginning and would like to have it back. I saw some people complaining on the same issue but no clear answer has been given to me on this topis so far.
  3. DaN_CZ

    NATION CUP 2019

    Ahojte, bude se konat poslední Nation cup ve Warbandu. Jedná se o souboje 8v8. Momentálně sestavujeme dohromady český tým. V případě že budete mít zájem o účast, můžete kontaktovat LastShadow. Informace o turnaji ZDE
  4. DaN_CZ

    Bannerlord módy - Anketa

    Menší průzkum pro oživení fóra  8-)
  5. DaN_CZ

    Halóóó je tu někdo?

  6. DaN_CZ

    Prophesy of Pendor

    Nej single mod :fruity:,126952.0.html
  7. DaN_CZ

    Vydání bannerlordu

    Kolik se vám narodí dětí než Bannerlord vyjde?
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