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  1. Paulo

    Teaser of Unity

    Enjoy our back on Warband ! Gl and Hf
  2. Paulo

    See you soon Warbanders !

    Hello my friends ! As some of you know, i was forced to stop Warband because i went do my studies in China (for one year), at Beijing. And I will be back in France in June 2017. I hope Bannerlord will be out when i will be back  :D A wonderfull "Thanks" to this community and this game who make...
  3. Paulo

    [NC 16] France

    I need some Baguettes for NC .. ------------------ Je recherche des joueurs potentiels pour compléter la France durant la Nation Cup !
  4. Paulo

    [Video] Happy New Year from Unity my friends !!

    Happy New Year Guys ! Love you all  :oops:
  5. Paulo

    What is your predictions of the TOP 10

    Here you can find the tables :,340086.0.html My prediction for the top 10 of this WNL will be : 1. AE 2. IR 3. Freelancer 4. Wonwokie 5. Unity 6. RNGD 7. Teutonic 8. AEQUALITAS 9. KURWA 10. FTW And you ?
  6. Paulo

    Pick Night Week 3 ?

    (Sorry to create topic for this) But when pick night will be done ?  :oops:
  7. Paulo

    Proposition of new maps for competitive Warband.

    Hey guys, i checked some forum to find map for next ECS, i take interesting maps made by the community. (For the moment, i didn't test them, so maybe link are dead.) Lost Realms by Noxx (Close map) OTHER SCREENSHOTS scn_multi_scene_lostrealms multi_scene_lostrealms 256 none...
  8. Paulo

    Warband Philosophers

    I will create image for best sentences !
  9. Paulo

    NC 2015 Team France

    In Construction
  10. Paulo

    They invented a Warband *-*

    Really awesome :o
  11. Paulo

    [Recrute] Legend Of Warband

    Bonjour à tous. Permettez moi de vous présenter les Legends, nous sommes une team de Mount and Blade : Warband plutot axée sur la compétition sur le jeu, nous réalisons des matchs ainsi que des entrainements plusieurs fois par semaines pour entrainer nos recrues ainsi que parfaire nos vétérans...
  12. Paulo

    Top game played on Steam ! (Warband top 10 !!)

    We are in top ten ! :p Edit :
  13. Paulo

    Warband on Android !! OMG

  14. Paulo

    [Event] The Legendary Event 50vs50 08/03 19 GMT

    The Legendary Fight ! (08/03 19 GMT) Hello Guys, For Guys who don't know me, my surname is Paulo and i am the Leaders of the Legends, with my friend Tryhard Milkman, we will create some events fun with many players against many players Video of one of previous event ...
  15. Paulo

    Hours of Warband, New Record !!!!!

    Total hours of Warband of my friends : 1489773600 secondes 24829560 minutes 413826 hours 17242.75 Days 47 years 87 days
  16. Paulo

    Team France

              Banner :      Score of FRA France 0 - 0 ? France 0 - 0 ? FRANCE TEAM #Yolo #Swag #FrenchWithBaguette #Victory2014 #PauloBestEUarcher #Frog - Paulo: Steam : Legend_Captain_Paulo Tw : Paulo [center]- Tota: Steam : Legend_Tota Tw : Tota [center]...
  17. Paulo

    A new medieval game ?

    What do you think about this :o will be better than Warband ?
  18. Paulo

    Bannerlord, What is this site ? What is this site ! What is this countdown ! What is the fu** Someone have info ? :ooo
  19. Paulo

    Rome Total war II is out ?

    Friends : Legends : And him !! I think it is out today, not sure ... :'(
  20. Paulo

    [Event] 60vs60 "The Second Legendary Fight" Sunday ??/08

    The Second Legendary Fight ! (??/08 ?? BST) Hello Guys, For Guys who don't know me, my surname is Paulo and i am the Leaders of the Legends. Today and the next months, i want create some events fun with many players against many players (like i did last year). and the second will be the ...
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