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  1. builder of the gods

    BL Coding overwriting native troops

    While overriding native troops by using an xml file with the same name and troop with the same id i find they are not overwritten as they are with other files. Is there any way you guys know of that overrides the native troop completely? - my mod loads first - i use the same id - i use the same...
  2. builder of the gods

    Xml error sniper

    Hey there fellow hard working modders, lately I have struggled a bit with debugging xml files as the log really gives you zero information. I also saw lots of question on the forum and discord about people having problems with xml, so I am writing this for me and my coding team and thought you...
  3. builder of the gods

    SP MP Medieval The Way Of The Sword - Bannerlord Medieval Japan Mod

    The way of the sword is a japanese themed bannerlord mod. Start as a small clan and use politics, intrigue and pure force to destroy your enemies. Use our high quality models and unique custom designed katana fighting system, animated from scratch using motion capture. Fight in larger and better...
  4. builder of the gods

    BL Other Custom bannerlord models

    Dear friends, I have not yet found any documentation of adding custom 3d models (japanese armor katanas etc etc for my japanese mod) to bannerlord. Does anybody know of a way to do so? Cheers godarcher
  5. builder of the gods

    OSP Code QoL Code dump - new notifications, first blood, heroism, city buildings

    First blood first_blood = (   ti_on_agent_killed_or_wounded, 0, 0, [],   [ (try_begin), (eq, "$kill", 0), #no kills yet (set_show_messages, 1), (display_message, "@First blood!", 0xff0000), (set_show_messages, 0), (assign, "$kill", 1), (try_end),   ]) Rage mode...
  6. builder of the gods

    OSP LSP Combat Extra Building: Ammo distribution

    So my mod, For Rome, works with approximatly 20 unique new buildings, and i thought it would be nice to share at least one of them. So here we go, its the ammo distribution centre building, so what this basicly means is that you can set up an ammo distribution centre and based upon the level of...
  7. builder of the gods

    OSP - RAGE

    A rage osp that basicly gives you a one time rage giving minor benefits till you die, made to strengthen heroism. Im planning to make it hp percentage based in the future but im very busy at the moment How to implent
  8. builder of the gods

    Samurai attacks

    I need samurai attacks for a mod, video content appreciated, explanation can to  :mrgreen: And here comes a lot of research
  9. builder of the gods

    Samurai attacks

    Samurai attacks I need samurai attacks for a mod, video content appreciated, explanation can to  :mrgreen: And here comes a lot of research
  10. builder of the gods

    OSP - increase battle size

    Well this scripts changes the amount of troops spawned at battle began according tho the setting battle size player can declare in options. How does this work? How it basicly works: We divide the battle size by 2 (2 armies) and then reinforce all troops that are the battle size-troops in field...
  11. builder of the gods

    Animator needed for roman testudo project

    Well i am trying to make an testudo formation. Pretty sure i can easily make it, but i got one little problem. To do this you really need animations, and i really suck at making animations. So if someone would like to help me out, i would really appreciate it. Some pics
  12. builder of the gods

    OSP Code Combat Spear volley at range and battle positioning

    volley fire with spears, but only when the enemy is within a range because spears are hart to aim and positioning and grouping before battle (both link very good to roman mods like mine)
  13. builder of the gods

    SP Antiquity For Rome

    For rome is the roman mod for mount and blade warband it plays in time of emperor claudius and has a lots of interesting new features: Fighting You won't win titus, you won't and you never will. Because no matter how strong, big, intelligent you are, we are one. We are with an number of 200...
  14. builder of the gods


    So what this is bassicly does, when your dead you got 10 seconds, double damage, and double live to kill as much enemies as possible in a last heroic stand before death. Will include a pic soon. If anybody nows a WORKING bloody overlay please message me or reply  :mrgreen: enjoy it...
  15. builder of the gods

    tutorial for complete noobs (quick but good)

    advanced modding (no copy and paste BUT FOR NOOBS!!!) so i was writing some tutorials for a new team member of For Rome and i thought why not make it public so yes this will be updated ALOT it should go quickly and you should learn a lot very quickly this tutorial is writtin in the way tut 1...
  16. builder of the gods

    OSP (Code) two decimal ratio calculation with build in miscalculations

    Calculates friendly and enemy troops, adds a small number to hostile because you dont now exact numbers. Then makes a two decimal ratio of it adding 150 troops for siege, is for My siege system, in my mod For Rome (link to siege system...
  17. builder of the gods

    presentations basic

    Well presentations are pretty hard to master so i will explain a little bit, doing this because i had to learn it by hard and that costs time so... Legenda Orange = has to be filled in with a custom string(much seen in explanation code) 1 setting up the basic presentation 2 adding a button...
  18. builder of the gods

    bone detection

    whell im trying to add bone detection but it fails :( after some debug testing i found out the code not working is common_battle_test_bones = (     ti_on_agent_hit, 0, 0, [], #when agent got hit     [   (store_trigger_param, ":bone", 5), #store bone needs wse           (this_or_next|eq...
  19. builder of the gods

    Ballista code unvisible error

    I tested 17 times but no changes,  no error,  no message but i added a huge debug pleasr help im out of ideas  :roll: The only part working is got player position My pc has no wifi so i made a picture of the code I declared it correctly in mt ai training (using cheat town walls to test)
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