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    [Tutorial] Monitor for any changes in your code and automatically compile module system.

    Monitor for any changes in your code and automatically compile module system with nodemon. Perfect for development Nodemon is a development dependency that monitors for any changes in your project and automatically re-compiles your code, saving time and tedious work. Nodemon does not require...
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    OSP Code MP Collection of Scripts & Examples with Server/Client Communication.

    Simple scripts but it might give you idea how to use server events. I will try to update this thread later, add more examples and scripts. Notice: You need general knowledge of M&B module system. multiplayer_event_data_client = 123 ## pick your own...
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    WB Coding How to export item type via python/ ?

    Hello. I'm looking for a way, how to export item type via python/ I am aware how to export item stats, name or price. however, I don't know how to find item type. My modified function "write_items" in looks like this: So, question is - How to print/get item...
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    A few questions about events and game receive url response.

    Hello. I would be happy if someone helped me answer a few questions. Im currently working at user management  and I don't know how to do few things. Assume that game_receive_url_response receives data in the form like this "1|10|3|0|xyz|blablabla" (Im even right?) How game know that ...
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    I need to call script on mission end .

    Hey . I would like to ask you for help with my problem. I need to  call the script to everyone on server when multiplayer mission ends. In that way this script work well : (ti_on_player_exit, 0, 0, [],       [           (store_trigger_param_1, ":player_no"),             (call_script...
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    Script for admin chat

    Hey.there is any osp script for admin chat ? ( server side? ) If no I can pay for scripter. Cheers
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    breaking the lance

    Hey . What am I doing wrong? (WFAS MS) CODE breakable_lances_trigger  = [(   ti_on_agent_hit, 0, 0, [],   [ (store_trigger_param_2, ":attacker"), (store_trigger_param_3, ":damage"), (assign, ":weapon", reg0), (try_begin),       (gt, ":attacker", 0),       (agent_is_human, ":attacker")...
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