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  1. Dobson

    Any interest in a hardcore RPing server?

    I don’t know if the current community would be into a new RPing server like previous ones in Warband (warband-rp and SRP), so I figured I’d ask. Anyone here interested in a hardcore RPing server? Hopefully there’s a way, like in previous versions of warband, to just make a server, unmodded. If...
  2. Dobson

    Incorrect authorization key with lan game *I've serached*

    MaHuD said:
    It is not the same thing. You are using hamachi and they were on the same network.

    Ah ok. Know of any solutions for this problem per chance?
  3. Dobson

    Incorrect authorization key with lan game *I've serached*

    I'm having the same problem. My mate and I are trying to play using the server package on LAN with Hamachi. Every time he joins we get the, "Incorrect Authorization Key." We've tried every solution under the sky.
  4. Dobson

    Mapping help for Mod

    Looking for the same answers.
  5. Dobson

    RGL WARNING : STR NOT FOUND: ui_steam_not_running

    The same EXACT thing is happening to me. Upon opening of the game I get the message, "STR NOT FOUND: ui_steam_not_running." I did my research and figured it had something to do with the languages.txt folder, which is a file I cannot find, although there is indeed a languages folder for the main game and all the mods. So I redownloaded it and nothing happens, anyone got a clue whats up?
  6. Dobson

    Persistent World 4.5.1 - download and general discussion

    Are the server downloads outdated?
  7. Dobson

    MP Fantasy [WB] Solgaard Roleplay

    Solgaard Roleplay is now a mod! Join in on the fuuun and join our forum at

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