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  1. AxiosXiphos

    Tier 5 Minor Faction Troops

    A long time ago Minor faction had 3 troop tiers - and the final one was a tier 5 top quality unit. Indeed some of these could be considered the best in class. Regrettably all of the top 'dogs' of each minor faction have been nerfed; and now minor faction trees cap at tier 4. Ergo a standard...
  2. AxiosXiphos

    Spear Bracing - Automatic Toggle Walking Mode

    I do love the new spear-brace; it feels brilliant when you land it and I can't wait to see it in singleplayer. What a lot of people probably don't know however is you can actually walk while spear bracing. if you toggle 'always walk' (caps-lock...
  3. AxiosXiphos

    Throne Petitions

    So just a small feature I have seen on the modding community that would add some RPG flavour to the game - is petitions. I know this has been suggested before but here is a little sequence for how I see this working in a nice easy manner; - You receive a message while travelling telling you...
  4. AxiosXiphos

    Sword Sisters

    I recently did a playthrough all the way up to making my own Kingdom - and I did not see a single one ever. They are in the encyclopaedia; are they obtainable in game in any way, shape or form without mods?
  5. AxiosXiphos

    Italian Spartacus - Bannerlord in 2021

    Spartacus has just dropped a video which covers all the developments in bannerlord recently and throughout it's EA period. AN interesting watch if you are on the side lines on whether to start a new campaign.
  6. AxiosXiphos

    Minor Faction Troops

    I love the fact we have all these extra troop trees in the game; and it certainly makes particular fights very memorable. Gathering up a party of these troops should feel like a great success but there's too many obstacles right now and too little incentive to achieve this. - Minor faction...
  7. AxiosXiphos

    Resolved b1.4.3 - Beard Clipping on Full Face Helmet

    Just a quick one; don't know the name of the helm but this probably needs the 'covers beard' tag applied to it;
  8. AxiosXiphos

    Prediction for the Future of the Class System - Hybrid (Warband Cosmetics - Bannerlord Mechanics)

    So let me start by saying this isn't a 'what if' thread or a suggestion; this is literally how I believe the class system will look at Bannerlords release - with evidence to support it. So we know skins have been planned for some time by TW; however the format of these in the game files is very...
  9. AxiosXiphos

    Resolved [b1.4.3] Companions cannot be collected from castles.

    One of my companions escaped from captivity and returned to my castle. However despite them appearing here on the clan screen they are nowhere to be found in the castle or the castle garrison so I can't return them to party. I can form them into a new party via the clan screen however if I then...
  10. AxiosXiphos

    Quick reminder before people lose their minds...

    v1.4.3 is NOT the MP patch AVRC and others have been speaking about. They made it clear there would be a smaller patch (more in line with previous patches) first. This is that smaller patch. So please lets not all lose our heads over the limited MP changes - we knew this already. MP changes are...
  11. AxiosXiphos

    Musician Class!

    So there is something very important missing from the class system that Napoleonic Wars had; the Musician class. Don't get me wrong it was largely for messing around but there is something glorious missing from the game; As the class system is remaining (like it or not) you might as well...
  12. AxiosXiphos

    Unit Command Responses

    So coming between Total War & Bannerlord I noticed something which really helped with the immersion in the total war franchise - unit responses. Every time you order your units into position they shout back an acceptance; "At Once" "By your Order" "At your Command" etc etc Thinking into it...
  13. AxiosXiphos

    What are your top 3 requests for v1.5?

    So we know there is a big patch coming - probably due in the next fortnight. What three particular things are you most hoping to see in this patch? Bare in mind I want to keep this positive so be critical but lets keep it civil and reasonable. Saying 'start the game again' or 'remove the whole...
  14. AxiosXiphos

    [MP Game Mode] - Generals Mode

    Hello there! This is a suggestion thread to discuss the idea of a primarily 1v1 matchmaking game mode where players lead full armies of bots into MP battles! This is how I see it working, if you like the idea please feel free to drop a +1 or a comment below; GENERALS MODE BRIEF Game would...
  15. AxiosXiphos

    Block Delay Discussion: Realistic Blocking, Flat Delay & Other Concerns

    Introduction Now let me start by saying I love Mount & Blade, love TW and have had a lot of fun on Bannerlord already - however I have been meaning to talk about this subject for awhile now; block delay or precisely the various mechanics that this forums throws under the same category of 'block...
  16. AxiosXiphos

    In Progress [e1.2.0] Performance 2080 RTX & i7-9700k

    I'm not sure if I'm expecting too much or if it is something I have done wrong on my end. I can't get a stable performance on this system - true I am using high graphics and larger battle sizes but from my understanding of what others have said - I should be able to cope with this on the 1.20...
  17. AxiosXiphos

    Shadows - Static / Static & Dynamic FPS (Huge Performance Benefits)

    If many of you aren't already aware - it seems one of the biggest drains on your CPU during larger battles are actually the dynamic shadows that solders have; Honestly this can change the FPS by 20-30 just on its...
  18. AxiosXiphos

    [MP Game Mode] - Generals Mode

    I posted this topic awhile back in the beta suggestions forum. I still like it though and would be interested to see what people make of it now! I would love to see a matchmaking game mode for 1vs1 or 2vs2 captains mode where each player controls a number of units; a full army like single...
  19. AxiosXiphos

    Custom Starts - Play as an existing character

    Once the full game is released and the sandbox mode is in action - it might be interesting to have a crusaders kings style 'Custom Start'; where you pick one of the existing characters from the game and just step into their shoes. This would be a great way to get a quick start - jump into the...
  20. AxiosXiphos

    Pre-Battle Duels

    So the final hideout duels with the bandit leader are pretty cool - though i would like a bit more feedback from it. Maybe valour for accepting? Still it might be nice if occasionally the enemy commander of an army when met on the field demanded a 1v1 duel as well. I wouldn't suggest this would...
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