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  1. Viktor

    VIKTOR COMICS: Christmas Special Edition

    Disclaimer: I do not hold any responsibility for any members who get triggered/butts get hurt etc. Also, please act responsibly and abide by the forum rules when using this thread. This is for fun. So I've been absent with the comics, so I thought I'd make a one-off Christmas Edition! It's...
  2. Viktor

    The Rise & Fall of VIKTOR Comics

    Alas, it was not meant to be. Unfortunately my thread was removed on the grounds of many things. The exact reason can be seen here: You have received a warning for trolling/flamebaiting in regards to the message: VIKTOR Comics. Your behaviour in this thread has become purposely antagonistic...
  3. Viktor

    Match Preview - Poland vs UK

    Match Preview Poland vs UK Group C Ladies & gentlemen, warbanders of all ages. Welcome, to the final week of the group stages. To say we're only in week 3, we've seen some pretty exciting matches; North America's draw with Finland wasn't expected and definitely made us keep an eye on Group...
  4. Viktor

    Forum Account Problem

    I'm going to get straight into it. I've sent countless emails to TW about a problem I am encountering with another account of mine. (I had to create a new account to get my problem answered hopefully on the forum) After being ignored for months I've decided to bring my problem here. Basically...
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