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  1. Aruda

    Need More Info [e1.0.10] Crash on parley

    Tried parleying when I was under siege, successfully convinced the besieging party to change sides and when offered money the game crashed to desktop.
  2. Aruda

    Need More Info Bugged Ambient sounds

    Most of the time in snowy towns and castles, the wind sounds start 2~ minutes after I enter the town/city and it frequently stops and restarts, same goes for tavern sounds too. And like in Warband the ambient sounds sometimes bug out and I need to restart the game to stop the loop, exit to main...
  3. Aruda

    Romans??? Why mention Romans at all? Whats the connection between Romans and Calradia? Are the Imperials Romans too? Whats the lore-wise explanation?
  4. Aruda

    Need More Info [e1.0.5] The game throws me to somewhere else on campaign map

    I was building some improvements on my castle (Onica) and after choosing what to build I put money to double the construction speed then I opened the garrison menu and put some men and the next thing I know I was thrown to Amitatys. Also I dont know if its intentional but some shields doesnt...
  5. Aruda


    I'll be reporting few bugs in this thread, forgive me if they are reported before I couldnt find them. First the AI bug : In tournaments when I'm fighting on horseback and if there's an enemy horseman too all I have to do is to stay still and the enemy will stop too. We stared each other for...
  6. Aruda

    Missile Hit Sound and Heraldry

    Please give us an option disable missile hit sound. I shouldn't be hearing a "confirmation" sound when I'm hundred meters away from the target. Also every Vlandian lord uses same Vlandian lion as their sigil on their armors, old Warband style heraldic armors are needed.
  7. Aruda

    WB Coding From a hero/companion to Vassal help.

    I've created a quest in which after the ending the player takes someone as a companion to his/her army. The thing is, this character is not created as a regular companion and is an unkillable hero of a quest. So he is only recruitable after the quest not from taverns. The problem starts when I...
  8. Aruda

    Anyone with similar specs?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering If anyone who has the same or similar system to mine could play the Beta with decent graphics and fps, I'm not in the beta and internet research didn't give reliable info. I want to have an idea on what to expect from the game when it comes out as I see people...
  9. Aruda

    Help needed with 2 gamebreaking bugs

    Hello everyone, I have 2 annoying bugs in my mod that I fail spot the exact causes of them. 1- Invalid OPCode 1779, invalid item kind 9003256 ID 210 at mission template attack_walls_with_ladders. I fail to see the mistake in the codes everything looks fins, mst, items etc 2- when checking a...
  10. Aruda

    Unbalanced Troops

    I think theres a major problem with the balancing in this mod, i know some people mentioned this before but i'd like to say that this mod is kinda unplayable because of that issue other than that its one of the best mods i've ever played. I had a medium/heavy army of 210~ and was defending...
  11. Aruda

    Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition (Updated w/moddb link)

                          GEKOKUJO - DAIMYO EDITION What is Daimyo Edition? Well it is something that i've been creating for self use for about 4-5 months, or maybe more. After a while i've decided to release it for other players to play and hopefully enjoy. Its basicly gekokujo merged with many...
  12. Aruda

    Bandit Camp - Amount of men to join

    Hi everyone, is there a way to change the amount of men that join the assaults at bandit camps, it bothers me even when i have 200 men only 5 of them joins. How can i tweak that?
  13. Aruda

    NEW Kabuto and Armor For Gekokujo (Final version released)

    Hey everyone! :party: I've been playing and modifiying gekokujo for my taste for months now, and i'd like to share some new kabuto models with you. Base models were made by : SSH - Sacred Stone Head, i just modified some of them a little for the sake of diversity. They are not top notch but if...
  14. Aruda

    Auto-Charge problem

    Hi everyone i've been playing Geko for months now (def. the best mod) and at this point im getting about that auto charge feature in siege battles, whenever i command my army to hold position in siege defend after 2-3 seconds an auto command makes them charge, and i get unnecessary deaths...
  15. Aruda

    [Help] Syntax Errors

    Hi everyone, i've been trying to edit a mod for self use, i 've been trying to add features that i like from other mods yet i've encountered a problem... SYNTAX ERRORS, literally they are everywhere eventho i didnt touch that line or so. Can anyone help me solve this problem? Thank you! Im...
  16. Aruda

    [SOLVED] Editing Morale in scripts

    Hi all, i've been trying to edit party morale (get_player_party_morale_values -1), in scripts.txt with no luck so far, i've read everything about that on the forums but gekokujo's scripting is a bit different i've managed to change the party sizes but not morale, can anyone show me where to look...
  17. Aruda

    Module system compiler error

    Hey all, i've been trying to add some custom features from other mods to gekokujo for personal use BUT it seems theres something wrong with the files, i tried to compile the untouched gekokujo to see if i made a mistake or not but clearly thats not the case even when i try to compile untouched...
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