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  1. Johny_Nawalony

    OSP Medieval 3D Art Slavic Zischagge Helmet

    An early medieval slavic helmet model based on the Gorzuchy finding they're pretty shoddy tbh but I'm sure someone's going to find a use for them credit me and link this thread when you use these Download
  2. Johny_Nawalony

    Dark Ages LSP 2D Art Main Menu and Loadscreen art

    1920x1080 res Original public domain art by XIX and XX century Scandinavian artists including Halfdan Egedius and Erik Werenskiold Use it however you want Original sources of the files: Download ~...
  3. Johny_Nawalony

    Help with a model/textures

    Made a 3d model of a helmet and then imported it into warband. I would need help because I have no idea how to make the lighting not appear so "boxy" as it does currently
  4. Johny_Nawalony

    Jomsvikingar Enhancement Pack for Vikingr

    Replaces *Woolen tunics *Nobleman tunics *Norse mail armors *Gjermundbu helmets *Hoods and hooded helmets *Rus tunics' pants *Rus mail armor pants *2 shields *Norse standard *Drakkar model Download
  5. Johny_Nawalony

    OSP Dark Ages 3D Art Gjermundbu Viking Helmet [High-poly]

    5.8k faces 1k textures 2 variants of Ocular decorations Blender render Download // It's my first helmet model, so beware of some mesh glitches
  6. Johny_Nawalony

    Tableau Round-shield paints

    I'm making a mini-mod to change oner banner into Jomsborg one, and can't find any way to change the colouring on tableau shields to black, does anyone know how to do it?
  7. Johny_Nawalony

    MP Musket Era Johny's Greatcoat's Version 0.7

    Download (Newest 0.7) Please leave bug reports and your experience in comments :D Changelog: -Every french infantry unit wear winter uniforms , Artillery too -Changed Vistula Shako -Changed 15eme Shako -Changed...
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