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  1. SeánC

    What attack direction do you play with?

    Genuinely curious.
  2. SeánC

    Resolved Crashes after Launch Cutscene

    2020-12-30_16.35.38_1744efe63d125c4629382d74a02e8817 Summary: When I launch the game from the launcher whether that be singleplayer or multiplayer the game loads and the intro cutscene with the hammer and anvil plays as well as credits to the game and then it crashes before getting into the...
  3. SeánC

    Best Single Player Mod?

    What is the best single player mod
  4. SeánC

    Happy New Year

  5. SeánC

    Save Net Neutrality
  6. SeánC

    What will come out first: The Next Episode of Game of Thrones or Bannerlord

    What will come out first: The Next Episode of Game of Thrones or Bannerlord
  7. SeánC

    Feinting - pls give

    Judiciously I think we can all agree that feinting was the quintessence of 2h and arguably 1h play. I don't think it is a great idea to remove it completely, I get it you want to make the game more realistic but feinting was actually a thing in medieval Europe; although not the extent of what we...
  8. SeánC

    Anyone know what song this is?
  9. SeánC

    The Most Beautiful Warband Players of All Time

    Since Bucharest I have had an epiphany, I thought you all looked like nerds, but there are some god damn sexy Warbaners out there; who's the sexiest?
  10. SeánC

    IG_Battlegrounds Admins

    Get more? Every time I am on there is a troll that seems to get away with teamkilling half their team. Sure people out there agree with me :(
  11. SeánC

    Anyone up for a 2v2?

    No one is on deadgame.
  12. SeánC

    What is your Personality?

    Please don't lock this I am curious what personalities our community holds :) If you have Gyazo use it! For the record:
  13. SeánC

    To randomcode, From Seán

  14. SeánC

    happy new year folks

  15. SeánC

    Bannerlord Price

    What is your guys best guess for Bannerlord's release price?
  16. SeánC

    Want your Steam/Forum Profile picture glorified?

    Terribly bored today so if anyone wants there Steam/Forum profile to look sort of similar to mine hit me up on steam.
  17. SeánC

    The Nicest Players Of All Time

    THE NICEST PLAYERS OF ALL TIME The list on weapons was allowed so I presume a list on the NICEST PLAYERS is fine. NO TALKING ABOUT PLAYERS YOU DON'T LIKE OR THIS FANTASTIC THREAD MIGHT GET LOCKED. Post your top nice players using this code and I will compile the results to find the nicest...
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