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  1. Silen

    arni autoblock

    I only watched few seconds, and at about 3:02 he blocks left while the opponent does an overhead. Honestly, be careful when accusing someone of cheating, it's not something to be taken lightly.
  2. Silen

    Creative Competition Winners

    Good work from everyone, but the 2nd map was truly impressive.
  3. Silen

    Stronghold Warlords is out

    Looks like a mobile game.
  4. Silen

    An Open Letter to TaleWorlds from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the Total-Conversion Mod Community about our concerns and frustrations with Bannerlor

    You know what. I'm done. This community has sucked out any enjoyment I had for this game. I left the forum last night feeling angry and realised 'what's the point'? I cant even login in and play the game I enjoy without just feeling furious at how utterly ruined this community is.... and I just don't care anymore. The 'player' base on here has totally ruined the game for someone who actually enjoyed it. The official game forum has literally driven away someone who actually loved the title. What a ****ing joke. So well done everyone. You got what you wanted. You destroyed all excitement, positivity and enjoyment I took from mount & blade... you achieved your goal. Look at my pointless ****ing signature - how ****ing childish am I?

    Im just done. Congratulations you win. I hope I can enjoy the game again one day; but I'm done with this forum.
  5. Silen

    Someone pulled off COOP!!!!!



    This mod is called Bannerlord Online.
  6. Silen

    Bannerlord Online mod

    This mod made me launch the game again. I'll wait until it's developed further, keeping an eye on it.
  7. Silen

    Someone pulled off COOP!!!!!

    It's taken a dedicated and large team of modders to get this far with Co-op after a whole year. Regrettably I think TW made the right choice not pursuing it (afterall consider how slow the game is coming already!).

    This mod was made by one guy, unless you're referring to something else?
  8. Silen

    [WRC] Statistics

    As usual, thanks for the stats. Awesome work.
  9. Silen

    SP Native Medieval Intrigues

    Fantastic work @Bloc . If the singleplayer wasn't just a battle simulator, maybe I'd bother to play it.
  10. Silen

    The tactical way: beyond the melee cluster

    Unfortunately, this is not currently part of taleworlds' development plans. It seems to be another one of the many discarded ideas, which after a possible revision may finally be accepted (unlikely to be the case).

    This is the latest official statement on the matter.

    Truly a shame, I remember making a thread about it in beta. Captain mode has zero value for me as long as I cannot do something as basic as choosing which unit to attack.
  11. Silen

    "His evil twin Anagram", that **** made me laugh more than it should've. Props for the...

    "His evil twin Anagram", that **** made me laugh more than it should've. Props for the entertainment.
  12. Silen

    Multiplayer mods can't be made until 2022 unless we find an alternative

    stop defending tw for saying its not possible in a timely matter,
    its corporate decisions, its not about workload for the devs, the boss doesnt wants it, and its okay, lets move on.

    pre 0.9 be like MisterOutofTime makes working Custom Servers + Custom Master Serverlist

    few hours later:

    few days later:

    yey self hosted moddable mp working

    Resulted in:

    TW be Like:

    post 0.9 be like

    Good times. The lack of something as fundamental for MP as custom servers at this point, with modding tools released, and after so much time, is nearly embarassing.
  13. Silen

    1.5 feedback from myself and "KO" Clan

    It is so weird how unrealistic and bad they've made throwables, they were perfect, absolutely nothing wrong
    I urge you to not listen to this guy, everything they write is bad and wrong.

  14. Silen

    Gamescom event is poorly setup and feels half arsed.

    It's nice that they're hosting events and I don't expect much from this one since it was probably set up with little time, but as a general note I'm not a fan of grinding competitions, not everyone can stay up to farm for 24 hours and it's more of a matter of time than skill. Also, having 2 days for parties only and 2 days for solos means that players with parties can compete 4 days, whereas solos only 2, not ideal. Something to keep in mind for the future.
  15. Silen

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.3

    Update: We will be turning on skill based match making today.
    It will not be matching too strict for now to avoid long queue times.
    It will look for players withing 100 MMR initially, then slowly increase the range by 100 as time passes up to 500 MMR difference.

    Let's see how that feels for match quality and wait times.

    We will add the UI to view your MMR later on and will probably have a calibration period at some time in the future.

    Good decision.
  16. Silen

    Swing cancel time

    Yes that is the case, but you can't increase the window to cancel attacks without first changing how animations blend with each other, else feints will become insanely strong and will phase through enemies as they used to when the window was larger. Slightly less seamless transitions between canceled attacks will allow for more readable feints, so a larger canceling window and more control over them.
  17. Silen

    1.5b 1 handed weapons WAY too slow - combat feels more clunky than before

    Release speed was very slightly decreased to compensate for faster ready speed, it would be exceedingly fast otherwise and buff feints considerably. If anything feels slow, it's up to the individual weapons' speed values which will most likely be tweaked further.
  18. Silen

    Dear TW, I heard you're planning to **** up this great game.

    On a serious note, I am also a bit concerned about combat changes. It is ok if it gets faster but I have the feeling that what MP people mostly want, is making "weigth" less perceptible/relevant in the game, or at least this is what I think after seeing how combat goes with some mods made for MP guys.

    Not at all. You don't make players feel the "weight" of attacks by slowing everything down – you can swing faster in real life than you can spam in Warband — but by controlling the impact with the target, not the overall speed. For instance, it would feel more weighty and satisfying if instead of slicing through an enemy like butter when hitting them, your weapon would shortly slow down on impact before continuing. This is also something I tried to tweak with the modified parameters, although I had to settle on a low value or it would get buggy and have side-effects on combat.
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