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  1. qmax

    Resolved Lord Fighting Friendly Caravan

    This is purely a program related bug. A particular lord in my faction with a party size of 1 is fighting a friendly caravan continuously. This persists through game saves and loads and I have not found a way to break them up. I presume that the lord was an enemy when they started fighting the...
  2. qmax

    Resolved Game Crash after Weeks of Play

    After playing for weeks with no problem and conquering half the map I do a game save and later pick the save to load or "Continue Game" and within a few seconds the game crashes. I have sent multiple crash records. Once I was able to restart the game by using one of the autosaves, but now none...
  3. qmax

    Stupid Counsel

    I have the most stupid counsel in the Bannerlord world. I can be at war with 3 or 4 factions and they don't desire peace with any of them and will even declare war on another faction. I have seen the term "suicidal" use in here quite often and here is one place it really fits.
  4. qmax

    Need More Info Dead Family and Companions

    All of a sudden my companions and family members started dying with this new update and I am sure I had that feature turned off. Who would change that to remove it being optional?? Am I missing something? Add to this that you have no control over what they do in sieges and this item is a real...
  5. qmax

    Dead Companions

    All of a sudden my companions started dying with this new update and I am sure I had that feature turned off. Who would change that to remove it being optional?? Am I missing something? Add to this that you have no control over what they do in sieges and this item is a real disaster for my...
  6. qmax

    Need More Info Vlandian Army Stuck in Loop

    Noticed a Vlandian army going in and out of Pen Cannoc for hours and hours.
  7. qmax


    With this patch I feel I got my money's worth and am really enjoying the game. Two additional things would make me ecstatic. Changing my companion's parameters without dismantling their party, and being able to give any of my fiefs away to enable managing the kingdom.
  8. qmax

    Minor Kingdom Colors Gripe

    Would be nice to adjust your kingdom colors as when you battle your "home" kingdom the troops of both sides look identical.
  9. qmax

    What Happened?

    Just started up the game and it says there is a module mismatch and do I want to load it. I say yes, and now when I go to trade, the icons are messed up for the type of commodity and the capabilities of the various items are different. Was there just an automatic patch?
  10. qmax

    Arazagos Catch 22

    Has there been a mod designed to fix the kingdom issue yet? Arzagos says that to make a kingdom you need to leave the kingdom you are with, have your own settlement, and a couple other things. But if you leave the kingdom you are with, you get amnesia and forget how to create armies, making it...
  11. qmax

    Force of 1

    I have a town and 2 castles. I have hired two mercenary groups, the Boars and the Skolderbratva. The leader's parties for both groups sit in the town at a force level of 1 and do not recruit and neither do their wounded get better. One is sitting with 77 wounded that do not change, and the...
  12. qmax

    Something Changed

    I was having fun regardless of the glitches and then something changed in the last couple updates, maybe related to income or influence. Now I feel my small kingdom is like a bug on the sidewalk just waiting to get stomped.
  13. qmax

    Finance Help?

    One of my parties has a cost listed as "Finance Help", anyone know what that is about?
  14. qmax

    Beautiful Landscapes

    Thank you Taleworlds for the beautiful landscapes in the battles and within cities. I hope I am surprised by an occasional new one appearing now and then.
  15. qmax

    Istiana's Plan Cancel

    I typed this into the developer console and it removed irritating Istiana. At least temporarily, we will see what happens. campaign.cancel_active_quest istiana's plan
  16. qmax

    Nevyansk and Kranirog Castles

    One tactic that can work in attacking castles is to have a battering ram break down the gate and then charge the enemy defending the gate. But with these two castles (there may be more) the troops will not take orders to come through the gate. They will take an order to move just behind the...
  17. qmax


    Well I am done with Bannerlord for now after several passes. A much improved program! I look forward to playing again in the future with the following: 1. A conspiracy plot that gives you a real reward at the end and not more irritation. 2. Ability to change companion perks without...
  18. qmax

    Smithing and Faction Strategy

    No, they are not connected I just didn't want to write two posts. As for smithing, the rest limit is a reasonable idea to avoid abuse but it is set so small, I really can't get interested in the activity. Imagine if you could only enjoy your favorite hobby 1/3 at a time. 1/3 of chess match...
  19. qmax

    Computer Upgrades

    In order to play the game I had to upgrade from 8MB RAM to 16MB of RAM and lower the desktop resolution and use USB Ready Boost but still stutters and loads visuals pretty slowly in close combat. So I order a Geforce 2060 with more video RAM. I don't have the right power cable for it so I...
  20. qmax

    Relation with Vassal

    I am trying to avoid the problem of vassals leaving the kingdom. So I give a vassal a castle. His relation goes up ......1. So I decide to try and give him coin. I give him 20,000. His relation goes up ....1. Evidently I need to give him every castle on the map and everything I own to...
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