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  1. ShillinG

    Main quest

    I destroyed Empire, came to Arzagos and i`ve got nothing. If i say to him "about the quest you`ve given me" he answers "you should not know it" or smth like this. So? what is the sense of main quest if i get nothing and can`t speak to him? Maybe TW will develop it in future updates, but now this...
  2. ShillinG

    Taleworlds, thank you!

    Guys, maybe I'm late, but that thing doesn't matter. I beg you to say thank you to our dear developers, Taleworlds! To say thank you for all this 8 years of making the game, for every blog that they have ever released and for one of the best gifts to us - release date on 30th of March and big...
  3. ShillinG

    Синхронизация аккаунта

    Могу ли я сиинхронизировать аккаунт стим с аккаунт на сайте тейлвордс? Ибо в профиле на форуме хотелось бы отметить игры серии, которые у меня есть
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