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  1. xenoargh

    I sure hope Gamescon 2019 is an improvement...

    No, seriously, I'm just kind of annoyed at this point, watching all of the pre-release footage that's available.  None of the stuff up to now looks like a game I want to buy yet :roll: -->back to the usual fanboi stuff, or flaming me, or whatever.  Honestly, I was planning to mod this thing...
  2. xenoargh

    64-bit for Windows, when?

    I mean... we're obviously going to see 64-bit for Linux / Mac OS.  That's been announced. When for Windows?  This is kind of a Major Big Deal for modders, especially if the core memory limitations are finally addressed and the game can make use of larger memory amounts for the vertex buffers...
  3. xenoargh

    Map Sky Rendering and ReflectionTextureSampler

    Well... I'm sorry to report that I've hit a major, maybe-even-showstopping problem with my mod :facepalm: Somewhere along the way, it appears I've deleted whatever-it-is that enables both map skyboxes and, more critically, the reflection-map is rendering to black.  Just... black.  No crash...
  4. xenoargh

    Troop Type Specific Orders

    TL:DNR version... quit having generic orders for troops.  Different types of troops need totally different orders, if we're trying to simulate Middle Ages warfare. Long version: It's pretty apparent that having a one-size-fits-all approach to giving orders wasn't perfect in Warband.  Something...
  5. xenoargh

    SP Native [WB] Blood and Steel 2.0

    Blood and Steel 2.0 is going to be a thing.  For those of you who've forgotten or just never played it, Blood and Steel was one of the first released Warband mods, years ago.  It's been downloaded a lot over the ages and I still break it out to screw around with once in a while, because it's...
  6. xenoargh

    <pops in for a brief moment>

    Just wanted to pop in and say, yes, I've been Away, and will probably remain so for a while longer.  Sorry, can't be helped, RL's been rather... hectic of late :) If at all possible, I do intend to return and do further bug-fixes at some point, though; glad to see there aren't too many...
  7. xenoargh

    The NSA Scandal.

    Pretty straightforward:  every tin-hat conspiracy-theorists' evil dream has been fulfilled.  The NSA really has been keeping track of everything it could within the borders of the U.S.; email, cellular calls, all kinds of online posting services (Facebook, Google et al), using GPS data to track...
  8. xenoargh

    Bug Reports: 1.6 (Alpha)

    Please submit bug reports for version 1.53 here. Bug report guidelines: 1.  If it involves a consistent engine crash: A.  Have you updated Warband to the current version yet? B.  Try turning your battle sizes down.  Blood and Steel has higher resource requirements than Warband.  Not by a huge...
  9. xenoargh

    Blood and Steel 1.6 ALPHA- Testers wanted!

    Hey, all.  Blood and Steel's giant Warband Engine graphics overhaul is pretty close to complete.  I would like a lot of testers to check things out and report any problems with the new shaders.  I don't normally advertise goings-on with the mod beyond the mod's sub-forum, but this one is...
  10. xenoargh

    Beta-Test: 1.6

    Anybody willing to give 1.6 a spin in private before I roll out the official build?  I need to test the new shaders / materials on multiple hardware again to make sure it's all working nicely before rolling it out to the general public. If you're interested, post here with your machine specs...
  11. xenoargh

    Progress Report: 1.6

    Just a quick update on what's been done with 1.6, roughly. 1.  Another pass on all of the shaders.  Expect even better graphics than in 1.5.  Basically, this is going to be the best-looking mod / game (from a rendering standpoint) on this engine, period. 2.  All 80 of Wheene's awesome fantasy...
  12. xenoargh

    Death Knights, version 2.0

    Trying to do a minor overhaul of them, am putting together their costumes and trying to come up with something a little more organized-looking. From start to finish:  new Champion unit, the Soul Counter, a Death Knight and two Footman variations; one brings big 2H weapons and throws stuff, one...
  13. xenoargh

    Proposed Combat Balance Changes for 1.6

    Basically, I want to make Mommy considerably harder, in terms of milking all the benefits of the current skill system.  I'm also going to go ahead and flesh out the backstory a bit, incorporating the Ancients (the precursors to the failed Calradian Empire).  That said, I like the current...
  14. xenoargh

    Looking for a Movie Maker

    I'd like to do a better promo video for the mod's next release.  The original one sucks and I'd like to have a new one constructed. I need somebody with experience to put together something new, following some basic directions about how to put it together.  Nothing that will require that you're...
  15. xenoargh

    New Weapons this build. (no 56K / phone, many images!)

    More new content and stuff. Models by wheene, with work from me, paint and other work by me.
  16. xenoargh

    Saints Row The Third

    Wow, never thought I'd actually start a thread in this area  :lol: The game deserves its own thread, to talk about it.  I have found this game to be interesting as a way to think about how I feel about game design (and to some extent, what people want to buy). Here's my review:
  17. xenoargh

    Auto-Culling via Shader (large image warning!)

    Something cool I stumbled into.  Wrote a simple shader improvement that auto-culls whatever I want with distance very efficiently and allows the end-user fairly complete control over how much is culled.  Basically, I put that "tree degrade distance" slider to work... with a vengeance  :lol: Not...
  18. xenoargh

    The Siren

    The last big modeling project for this build is nearly done now; as I plan to display a lot more of the mod's stuff using this service in the future, I thought I'd post this WIP up for people to see: Siren Armor - xenoargh (View in 3D)
  19. xenoargh

    Normal. Should it become Casual Gamer?

    A philosophical question I've been asking myself for quite some time now.  Most new players seem to pick Normal to play, but the mod's balanced for Mommy.  Then they complain that it's too easy. Should I just get rid of Normal mode?  Make it harder, but not quite as hard as Mommy?  Call...
  20. xenoargh

    Bug-Fix List, 1.5+

    OK, going to have to call it a night. Fixed the following bugs: 1.  Sieges no longer require massive battles over and over again.  What I've decided to do is: A.  Battle size is proportional to relative army sizes, adjusted for difficulty setting (i.e., you won't get a lot of troops on...
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