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  1. Askey

    Drop a gif or picture expressing your feelings

  2. Askey

    Freelancer should be implemented into vanilla Bannerlord

    As much as I love Broc for making these awesome mods, he should have released the source code if hes given up modding this game. In fact, someone could (if knowledgeable enough) copy his mod and move on from there developing it (whether he gave permission or not).
  3. Askey

    Servers are unstable

    Right now I would rather have stable and reliable server, that didn't crash when the siege round ends than some of the current MP updates, build a strong house first and then start decorating it... not the other way around
  4. Askey

    Servers are unstable

    I got an idea, what about they start a priority on developing the servers.

    At it's current state, the whole game becomes unplayable because of servers. How TW still put its priority on adding content instead of focusing on the high priority of getting the game to WORK is beyond anything i've seen.
  5. Askey

    UPDATE A EUROPE MOD (1.5.4 for 1.6.0)

    Really, I posted this in the wrong place, I apologize
    No not at all, not to my knowledge. Simply wondering if there is a place for modders doing there thing on the forums.
  6. Askey

    Marriage - please make it less "random"


    I will marry you tomorrow MostBlunted. I will see to the preparations immediatly.


    Your spouse michi
    First I need to know how high your steward skill is? And you need to say something nice to impress me.
  7. Askey

    UPDATE A EUROPE MOD (1.5.4 for 1.6.0)

    Isn't there a corner on the forum where modders hang out and help each other? Wondering if there is a better place for you to get more replies.
  8. Askey

    Sieges dosent work

    That conspiracy would be the best case scenario... maybe just maybe... I hope.. it's truue.

    But seriously tho, the idea that there is a plan to delay some fixes and features to keep the community engaged and to latter regain interest in the game doesn't seem far fetched.

    What I see happening now is that the community is always interested in the upcoming to patch because people are hopping for the fixes and some new content that looks promising.

    What could happen is that, if devs changed priorities and made fixes to sieges and to other features so that they "kinda work", you would still be left with many underlying issues that remain unsolved like performance, QoL improvements, bugs, AI, etc. I think that this would create a situation where you wouldn't have a lot of "new content" in the following patches and people would complain and loose interest.

    Na, they are just too disorganised (and I suspect mismanaged) for that, I get the feeling that they walk around and see if they have enough content for a patch and crammed whatever they can together. Its pretty clear this is the case, as the stuff that comes out in the patch hasn't been tested. Alot of the things that do come out of a patch isn't even considered priority by the community either, which leads me to believe that the Taleworlds devs are running around like headless chickens.
    Luckily though, we have some developers that are present on the forums giving us the heads up on what they're working on - which I appreciate.
  9. Askey

    Sieges dosent work

    The main problem I have with this game right now is its half baked, it has essential elements that are not working correctly. If the towers don't work - remove them until they are fixed, if attacking archers blob up outside the walls and are easy pickings for siege weapons - include them with the inf and cav scaling the walls until its fixed.
    If this is still happening;
    Then revert back to the Warband siege mechanics until AI aren't stupid.
    Gameplay elements that are added to this game that are half-baked (or wern't clearly tested before patching in - (, only leads me to believe that we are beta testers.
    For me, in the best sense, early access should be few working components of gameplay - not a myriad of half-baked elements jammed in for us to test for the developers.
  10. Askey

    Sieges dosent work

    Jesus chill out.

    What gold standard do they need to achieve exactly for you. What game is your perfect example of flawless a.i. at all times?

    A.i will never be perfect - certainly warbands was far from it. And I could name another 5 medieval games made by bigger developers with their own A.I issues.

    I feel like you need to actually test it yourself rather then peddle needless anger. Spartacus shows a balanced view - and he admits the issues; but also calls ot fixed.
    looks like intented design for me

    If you guys are happy with where siege is currently at, I'm happy for you. Personally I have higher expectations. I wouldn't call the current iteration of siege gold standard, there are elements that barely work and generally make it frustrating to play (also considering that sieges are are a large % of the gameplay).
    I think you should go back and try siege again and review your opinion before you peddle needless praise on Taleworlds for the state that siege is in after 1.5 years.

    And if large blobs of AI on the wall, at the base of the siege towers (that they barely climb up), large blobs of archers getting pwned by siege weapons are intended design, perhaps we should be very worried.

    Oh yeah...Jesus chill out.
  11. Askey

    Sieges dosent work

    I've played a good dozen sieges on the new patch and they have worked very worst sometimes soldiers only used two siege ladders instead of all three.

    I really think people should test this... just jump onto a custom battle if you want to save time. Do you have any evidence showing them still not working...?

    You just showed us evidence that its not working very well. Massive blob of troops at the base of the siege tower, only a few on the right and middle ladder....most of the troops aren't on the is this working very well?
    Are there still fat blobs of AI on the wall? Blobs of attacking archers all bunched up getting pwned by enemy siege weapons? AI defending archers not firing at all? When the attacking AI get through the first gate, are they still staring at the inner gate instead of attacking it?

    You showed a vid with a quick flash of siege, tried to make a point but kind of scored an own goal - are Taleworlds paying you?
  12. Askey

    The game is actually worse. How?

    ................(WTF have they been doing for 1+ year???)..............

    Dilly Dallying.
  13. Askey

    Fiefs income nerfed in 1.6.1 - Why???

    I guessing they don't test the updates before they release them. Oh what am I saying, we are the testers.
  14. Askey

    Sieges dosent work

    It improved slightly. Still... it is very frustrating to not, at least, have a temporary workaround.
    If I may I will throw a conspiracy into the wild.
    Taleworlds is holding the fix for as long as they can so that they keep the fans interacting and hyping the game to be fixed. They will, eventually, drop an insane amount of content and the sales will boom.

    Based on what evidence? (I'm not being argumentative, I'm genuinely interested).

    I personally believe that management is simply unorganised and the updates what we see are exactly where they are at with development. Its strikes me that they are constantly firefighting with no particular long term planning or forethought.
    I mean this is based on comments from 'Glassdoor', which should always be taken with a pinch of salt. But from my experience, this makes complete sense - your typical corporate company is rife with inner politics, ambitious tw*ts (that care nothing for the product, only themselves), inner cycles, arse-kissing, mis-management, micro-management et cetera et f**king cetera. Its why I personally give a wide berth to corporations and prefer to go freelance.
  15. Askey

    Companion / Wanderer Stats in 1.6.1 : Misses the core problems

    Second, I think there should be more low level companions with more even spreads, to offer more flexible companion builds.

    Was one of the main reasons I favoured Ymira in Warband.
  16. Askey

    Puluc AI Cheating

    Every time I start to get a stack going in Puluc, guess what? The AI rolls the exact number needed to capture the stack EVERY SINGLE TIME. Do you really think we can't tell that the "difficulty" is really just AI cheating? Just make the tavern games fair already and stop treating players like they can't tell when they're being cheated.

    Edit: Just tried a few more games where I tried to predict what the AI would roll. Guess what? It's super easy. If winning was as easy as predicting cheating AI rolls, I would have so much money by now. Instead I have not won a single game no matter how I change my strategy, which color I start with, etc.

    There is nothing worse, when playing games like this when the dice rolls aren't random. Its same kind of bs from many other games on Steam of the same type.
    The AI for these board games are terrible in all fairness. It suggests to me lazy coding, but I expect this will be improved later on?
  17. Askey

    Marriage - please make it less "random"

    Additional ladies were added throughout the course of development to facilitate a sustainable population.

    Welcome back.

    Come one man, ignore garbage comments. We would like to know whether marriage will be reworked, or developed further. What your current plans for it may be. People here seem slightly concerned regarding the current marriage system.
  18. Askey

    How to get other lords to join you?

    Sounds like you need to target Lords and Ladies that currently have no fiefs. Thats the impression I get from reading other threads.
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