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  1. Guanfei

    "Modular" and customizable cities, town and castles. 2 suggestions.

    Hi. I had a suggestion that could be a bit tricky. Because it has been done, but not officially, only in a mod. My suggestion would be to do the same, but a bit more "advanced". The mod was AD 1257, in Warband. A particularity of that mod was that you could build a manor, around which you could...
  2. Guanfei

    Multiple issues with buildings in towns

    Hi! So, as the title says, i have some issues when i try to build some buildings. -First, when i try build defense buildings (towers and wall). I gather the required ressources and launch the construction. Then i have a message telling me to move away from the construction site, but no matter...
  3. Guanfei

    Adding some basic gameplay mods, possible?

    Hi! I wanted to know if, for the next version, it was possible to add some basic gameplay mods, like companions equipment auto upgrade, or pre battle orders, etc... The well known mods you can find in almost every modules. I know nothing about modding, so excuse me if it sounds stupid, but i...
  4. Guanfei

    Diplomacy ajouté?

    Bonjour. J'aurais souhaité savoir si il était possible d'ajouter le mod diplomacy à un autre mod, pour bénéficier de ses fonctions? Par exemple, je joue avec le mod native expansion, qui n'inclue pas diplomacy, est-il possible de l'y installer? Merci par avance.
  5. Guanfei

    Modification de fichier-experience

    Bonjour. J'aurais souhaité savoir si on pouvait modifier le paramètre du CTRL+X en terme d'expérience donné. CTRL+X donne 1000xp à la base, est-ce possible de modifier ça, pour en avoir plus ou moins? Je sais, tricher c'est mal, mais ayant fini M&B plusieurs fois, je peux bien m'accorder ça ^^
  6. Guanfei

    Changement de PC et réinstallation

    Bonjour. Voilà, j'ai récemment changé de PC, et donc maintenant, je dois réinstaller le jeu. Problème, j'ai enregistré la clé d'activation sur l'autre PC, qui doit être un peu partout maintenant... Pourrais-je trouver un formulaire, une page, n'importe quoi, qui puisse me permettre de retrouver...
  7. Guanfei

    Some suggestions

    Hi everyone :) I bought M&B for a long time now, and the last version is really great, but something is still missing here: -It would be nice to see the building you make (like manors and all) in cities, castles and towns. -It would b nice too, to see the soldiers you put on garrison in the...
  8. Guanfei

    Some suggestions about the game

    I must say that this game is fantastic, but some things are missing, in my opinion, so, i'll try to expose it here: - A larger map, and, of course, more kingdoms, and cities. I'm sure it would be fun - Building in the cities, forts and villages really built, and visible. The villages, forts...
  9. Guanfei


    I wanted to know... I tried to build some buildings in village and town, but i don't know: -What can i get by building this? -When the stuff will be build, will I see it in my town? Will it remain invisible?
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