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  1. Zeyden 狼

    EU Native Duel Completed 1 Handed Champion Duel Tournament | 26.05

    Hello, I would like to make a duel tournament which will take place during the evening of September 26. This format is inspired by the duel tournaments on Napoleonic Wars, I aspire to do the same thing on this module. 1. All participants to respect each other. Slaying/Banning will be...
  2. Zeyden 狼

    WeyCommunity's Bello Civili Saturday Event | 21:00 UTC | [EU]

    WeyCommunity's Bello Civili Saturday Event [font=georgia] The WeyCommunity presents its event Bello Civili, We hope you enjoy this event that will take place every Saturday at 21:00 UTC Each faction can now apply to participate in the event. [font=georgia]APPLICATION FORM...
  3. Zeyden 狼

    Viking Conquest 1v1 Tournaments ?

    Hello, there would be people interested in a 1v1 tournament on Viking Conquest? With a 2500 gold stuff I think it's a good idea but I'm afraid there is no one participating....
  4. Zeyden 狼

    Wolf Legion

                                                                                                          Welcome to the new competitive clan of the wolflegion, we are a new small clan, but that grows fast; The clan is very active, every 2 days we have a sparring or training, often in the CW we...
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