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  1. Quidam

    Tactical retreat

    Often, when you have to fight a loosing battle, or suddenly realised that the battle didnt go the way you expected, I would love to get the possibility to retreat tactically, managing troop loss. The problem is, even with the retreat order, if you are the attacked party, you often are...
  2. Quidam

    Battle suggestion to avoid micro-manadgement and add depth to tactical gameplay

    Preamble My suggestion is based on both player expressed will of being able to have more battle depht, and the expressed will of the dev who want a more "character in the battlefield" feel and less "RTS" one (Which I think isnt a bad idea). I also read a lot of good suggestion (Especially...
  3. Quidam

    Perk tag all over the place

    So I explored the perks a little, and I noticed something. There is a lot of tag not explained : Personal, party member, clan leader, governor, etc... and a few specific to a role in the party But sometimes it doesnt make sense. Personnal skill is the main problematic one. A lot of personal...
  4. Quidam

    Unresolved Siege, AI keep resetting group formation, and Ai command

    Summary: While defending a siege, I removed the auto command (F6) and did my own grouping to defend not all place but key choke point. I assume command from all troops because they tend to move around with the ai. Sadly, each time the battle began, the AI take back controll of all unit (so I...
  5. Quidam

    Unresolved [solved] Stuck in perpetual loading screen before siege battle

    Summary: about to lead a desperate battle to defend my only castle against a largely superior army. I Sneaked in, before the battle. I had already some good troop in garnison, plus some militia and a few of my own fresh troop. With one balista on our side, and I ram on the attacker side. But the...
  6. Quidam

    Lag, crash et soucis de textures.

    Alors petites précisions concernant ma config car l'origine du problème pourrais venir de là. dell inspiron 1525 Mémoire vive 2,0 Go, Processeur Intel Celeron 550 2 Ghz, et la carte graphique une Intel GMA X3100 intégrée OS: Ubuntu 9.04, avec Wine Hq 1.1.29 Je sais qu'il y a un topic...
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