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  1. AvarianKnight

    Resolved Launcher Issue

    When you close the launcher without starting the game, it still shows the game is being played on steam.
  2. AvarianKnight

    Faction ID

    Whats the Highest and Lowest a faction id can be
  3. AvarianKnight Question

    Is any of the music hard coded in?
  4. AvarianKnight


    Is there a way to force respawn?
  5. AvarianKnight

    Report Issues/Bugs Here

    Report any mod related issues here.
  6. AvarianKnight

    Suggestion Thread

    If you have any suggestions please post them here, thanks!
  7. AvarianKnight

    Need help with hunger scripts

    (try_begin), (lt, ":food_amount", 5), (store_agent_hit_points, ":hit_point", ":agent_id", 1), (store_agent_hit_points, ":first_hp", ":agent_id", 1), (val_sub, ":hit_point", 1), (val_sub, ":first_hp", ":hit_point"), (agent_set_hit_points, ":agent_id", ":hit_point", 1)...
  8. AvarianKnight

    [OSP] Core Scripts

    My server will be shutting down on the 28th (3 days). For that very reason im releasing these. You can call me a PW killer all you want, im not gonna sell the pieces of sh*t for profit. The community should have them, fix them and improve them. Do with them as you please, make sure you set the...
  9. AvarianKnight

    [ NA ] Deliverance [ Rules / Info / Staff ]

    SO_Shyana SO_Thora HA_Alex SA_Darkblade SA_Blackpanda SA_Rogvir A_Deserath A_Gwae A_Sitvek TA_Sven TA_Cody'Bloom (INACTIVE) TA_Undertax TA_Juggernaut (INACTIVE) TA_Gooby (INACTIVE) TA_Gadd (INACTIVE) TA_Kitten (INACTIVE) TA_Envycrea1on (INACTIVE) TA_Goldenprototype (INACTIVE) TA_Attila...
  10. AvarianKnight

    Double Health

    Is it possible to get double health?
  11. AvarianKnight

    Trying to Announce to Server

    It gets the agent_id from player_join Every time a player joins i want to make everyone know but i cant figure out how to make the message go to everyone.
  12. AvarianKnight

    !! READ !!

  13. AvarianKnight

    Mod List Info

    For this.
  14. AvarianKnight

    Error Logs.. again

    At Mission Template mst_conquest trigger no: 15 conditions. At Mis sion Template mst_conquest trigger no: 15 conditions. At Mission Template mst_co nquest trigger no: 15 conditions. At Mission Template mst_conquest trigger no: 1 5 conditions. At Mission Template mst_conquest trigger no: 15...
  15. AvarianKnight

    Trying to make a script where if you shoot a cart it moves to you

    Would this possibly work to get carts that have been put in the water to troll and to move them to your position?
  16. AvarianKnight

    Integer and String

    I'm going to ask a noob question that i never got with scripting, What are string_count and integer_count used for?
  17. AvarianKnight

    Issues with saving

    I am trying to make it where items save when a item picked up, sold and bought. The Buying/selling wasnt hard but the item picked up has hit me hard. After this it starts going all weird im going to assume because of game modes. But i do not know how to fix it D:
  18. AvarianKnight

    Weird Error

    ERROR: invalid syntax, probably missing or extra brackets or commas:   File "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\PSYS\", line 4546     def generate_load_profile_options(): # generate operations to load settings stored in the current profile's banner id       ^ ECHO is off. Press any...
  19. AvarianKnight

    Some Script Errors (Edited Scripts)

    Welp, im getting some script errors after i setup new php files for the scripts (which have saving) (Checking something)
  20. AvarianKnight

    Why i took Shattered Realms down

    I took shattered realm down because I was tired of being used. I was on top of the NA server and i told brugall if he wanted to come back he could but we're not doing it the old way. He then proceeded to return and do it anyway, so I quit, come back and get brugall to take off the Departments. I...
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