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  1. ShillinG

    1.6.2 can't assign party role

    for now use the in person "I'd like to assign you a new task". The lance thing is a intentional change iirc
    But how to assign role for a main character?
  2. ShillinG

    Main quest

    I destroyed Empire, came to Arzagos and i`ve got nothing. If i say to him "about the quest you`ve given me" he answers "you should not know it" or smth like this. So? what is the sense of main quest if i get nothing and can`t speak to him? Maybe TW will develop it in future updates, but now this...
  3. ShillinG

    The Music is Great!

    The battle musics are the best.

    Agree with you. It's so epic, great, tremendous and very dramatic at the samw moment. Especially the first track, which refers me to battle od the Pellenor Fields from Lotr. They have done really great ost's
  4. ShillinG

    Bannerlord SP First Reactions: Megathread

    Like, i noticed, that everyone who have problems has 8gig ram. I think that, there memory problems with game or minimal requirements have to be larger than 8gig ram.
    Very nice
    I paid for it and I can't play, because of unknown issues. Great.
  5. ShillinG

    Bannerlord SP First Reactions: Megathread

    Dear developers, i can't leave a full feedback about game, because i my fps is too low literally everywhere on very low graphics.
    So, i played 10 hours and in every battle game become a slideshow. Fps is low in every part of game: main menu, global map etc. My specs are 1050 4 gb and core i5 7300hq.
    And every time i have launched a game on 1050. Also i optimized it with geforce experience and this soft set medium or high graphics.
    Taleworlds, i know that game is just in an early access, but i hope that you will do something with this, because me and other players, who have the same issue can't literally play and leave feedback about other game issues.
  6. ShillinG

    Bannerlord SP First Reactions: Megathread

    I have serious lags and fps is very low on very low graphics. And this is the reason i really can't play the game. I have 1050 4gb and intel core i57300hq. Hope game will be optimized
  7. ShillinG

    Taleworlds, thank you!

    30??? they change the date??? OOMMMGGGG
    Yeah, my friend
  8. ShillinG

    Taleworlds, thank you!

    Guys, maybe I'm late, but that thing doesn't matter. I beg you to say thank you to our dear developers, Taleworlds! To say thank you for all this 8 years of making the game, for every blog that they have ever released and for one of the best gifts to us - release date on 30th of March and big...
  9. ShillinG

    Синхронизация аккаунта

    Могу ли я сиинхронизировать аккаунт стим с аккаунт на сайте тейлвордс? Ибо в профиле на форуме хотелось бы отметить игры серии, которые у меня есть
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