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  1. mrArgentum

    [BEAST 6] Congratulations & Thank You

    Worst badges so far
  2. mrArgentum

    All right, so who asked deaths to be removed from the score board?

    I'm pretty sure that even casual players would never vote for removing deaths from scoreboard. This is nonsense.
  3. mrArgentum

    Revised promotion and Semi Finals

    The perfect example is that by insulting, harassing and bullying the admins to bend and break the entire tournament structure apart to placate up to 8 egos is not the way to go and you will not get what you want. The open disrespect issued to lower divisions - sorry this tournament has more than Div A - was just the tip of the iceberg. If you guys think the general rules of this competition ("rules and ****") should not apply for you, **** on 75% of the competition and reject the high spot in Division B offered to you ("not enough"), no problem, because we have 32 teams who actually intend to play by the rules.

    You are confusing. First you decided not to let us play, and only then people started all these "harassing and bullying".
  4. mrArgentum

    Revised promotion and Semi Finals

    the extra week is happening because of the revised promotion system. Since we had the extra week anyway there was an opportunity to add semis (which was a suggestion from a previous tournament) so we put up a consultation post.

    If the teams do not want to do it I can only wonder that they did not bother to post about it before. If it is such an obviously bad idea why the silence when teh suggestion was first made, when we put up this post right up to when everyone knows who the top 4 will be?

    I don't see a problem either way. tbh having the final is a bit off in a RR ladder.

    We didnt want to implement it
    It doesnt matter either way for the admins. It is just a way of keeping teams playing during the extra week caused by the revised promo system. if all the teams concerned dont want to thats not a big deal. But why not make your views known when th subject is being decided?

    In WHEE's case most teams wasn't mind to play additional week. Now teams are against that idea buut you want to implement it anyway. The perfect example how care you are about community's opinion.
  5. mrArgentum

    Revised promotion and Semi Finals

    yes it would add a week, which is why we previously did not wan to do this. But lately the teams decided on a long break anyway so if that happens again the effect is not a problem. If we go straight into the next season we would expect that teams who are competive enough to go through the promotion system dont need along break so we would not increase the total time taken for tourney + break.

    So it was a problem in WHEE's case but when you want to implement stupid things in the middle of tournament - it's not a problem. Nice admins. Go ahead.
  6. mrArgentum

    EU Other In-progress 2v2 Tournament

    Tournament has began! - here is the bracket, the deadline for round 1 is 01/09/2021 gl/hf
  7. mrArgentum

    EU Other In-progress 2v2 Tournament

    Not sure if I have overlooked it, but if I play 10-6 and 9-10, is it still a draw cause it's 1-1 in total or would a draw only be something like 10-9 and 9-10 ?

    Second one. Each round matters
  8. mrArgentum

    EU Other In-progress 2v2 Tournament

    Please pay attention that rules has been updated and you must take "Die hard" on sturgian warrior as your second perk since 1.6.1
  9. mrArgentum

    EU Other In-progress 2v2 Tournament

    Is sheathing your shield allowed? If not then that is missing from the rules as it only covers dropping and destroying.
    No it’s not allowed
  10. mrArgentum

    EU Other In-progress 2v2 Tournament

    Team name: Foolish Extroverts
    Roster: Woj, Hairless
    Contact Information:
  11. mrArgentum

    EU Other In-progress 2v2 Tournament

    So you can take 2-handed axe as warrior? Ruleset doesn't say anything that you have to take a shield.
  12. mrArgentum

    EU Other In-progress 2v2 Tournament

    EUROPEAN 2 VS 2 TOURNAMENT SIGNUPS END AUGUST. 24 Welcome to the first European 2 vs 2 tournament for Bannerlord! RULESET 2v2 team tournament. Must be played on EU_Sab server. If you have trouble scheduling a match with a opponent please let an admin know. Post results of the match...
  13. mrArgentum

    EU INT Duel European Duel Tournament IV

    Argentum 7 - 4 Zdzichu
  14. mrArgentum

    EU Duel In-progress 🐎ABCD - A Bannerlord Cavalry Duel (Tournament)🐎

    I have read and agreed the rules

  15. mrArgentum

    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    Nice touch.
    Making the admins look bad because you can't be asked to put in five weeks of effort.

    Honestly though, starting in the 2nd highest division out of 5 is more than anybody could ask for. You should turn down your ego a notch and just take it. If you want to be the best you have to ready to put in some work.

    I can't really say that you are S-tier players but you're S-tier complainers in my book.
    Ye keep live in your illusions and think that any good player in this game would waste his time in B division. And keep think that you didn’t ruin anything.
  16. mrArgentum

    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    Update: I was told by 1or3 that WHEE disbanded so this thread is no longer a thing.
    Actually it’s still a thing coz new teams still not able to form coz of stupid rules. It’s not only about our team.
  17. mrArgentum

    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    Things are very simple: tournament staff just personally don’t like some of our members and don’t want to give us spot. Problem is not in rules. Also why are you ignoring fact that you’ll ruin div B by placing us there?
  18. mrArgentum

    [BEAST 6] Suggestions

    I don't want to offend anyone's ego but this is early access tournament WITHOUT ANY PRIZE POOL. Why admins of this tournament acting like this is serious e sport thing like ESL or even International with 40kk+ prize pool?
  19. mrArgentum

    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    I guess when we moved from 8 to 6 teams per division we made made the spots on div A rare.
    Still for a new team to start in B is quite high and more than enough to place a new team.

    I think placing a new team to A is a mistake.

    No it's not enough. You will never find even a single strong player in this game who don't mind to waste 2 months in division B. What means that you will never form new team for this tournament. You are living in illusions and can't imagine how things going in reality.
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