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  1. Phaiak

    Increase Byrding and Knorr crew size Morgh Style anyone?

    Hi Brujoloco
    a non base code/source code way of altering the final .txt files to make the Byrding and Knorr have a bit more crew size than 7 and 9?
    There is no way to do this properly without the module system. Because the crew size of the ships is not only relevant for the campaign map but also for the positioning of the npcs on the ship models in the sea battles.
  2. Phaiak

    German Translation / Offizielle deutsche Übersetzung (Released)

    Lieber Testpionier,
    vielen Dank für die Hinweise. Ich habe die Fehler soeben behoben, so dass die Berichtigung ab der Version 2.052 im Spiel sein sollte.
    Beste Grüße

    Fehler vom Update 13.06.19 behoben
  3. Phaiak

    Every lord of every faction is hostile to me

  4. Phaiak

    Please Help New Bug Cant Solve

  5. Phaiak

    I got cucked

    See here:,382741.msg9094418.html#msg9094418
  6. Phaiak

    I have a terrible bug!

    The 2.049 update is now rolled back and Steam should revert your game to 2.048 again. You should now be able to play the game again without any issues. If you have saved a game in 2.049 it may be corrupted and should not be used anymore. We will create a new secure update asap.
    ariel127711 said:
    You've released an update but the BUG has not yet been fixed ? :cry:
    We haven't been aware of the bug until today 10:15 CET. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Phaiak

    I have a terrible bug!

    Thanks for the feedback. We are really sorry about the bug. We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible. Please try to make a copy of your save games before overriding them in V 2.049. We will keep you updated.
  8. Phaiak

    German Translation / Offizielle deutsche Übersetzung (Released)

    Laut Publisher soll das Update nächste Woche auf GOG erscheinen.
  9. Phaiak

    German Translation / Offizielle deutsche Übersetzung (Released)

    Willkommen im Forum! Im Normalfall landet der Patch mit einigen Tagen Verzögerung auch bei GOG. Ich frage mal nach und gebe Rückmeldung.
  10. Phaiak

    Offizielle Viking Conquest Übersetzung veröffentlicht

    Edith: Das Update ist jetzt für alle raus Liebe deutschsprachige Mount & Blade Community, besser spät als nie! Aufgrund des anhaltenden Interesses haben wir uns an eine deutsche Übersetzung gemacht und sind nun endlich fertig. In den kommenden Tagen läuft eine offene Beta und wir würden uns...
  11. Phaiak

    German Translation / Offizielle deutsche Übersetzung (Released)

    English: This thread is just about the German localization of VC, which is getting tested via Steam Beta now. Update: Die Übersetzung ist nun raus aus der Beta und damit für alle veröffentlicht. Liebe deutschsprachige Viking Conquest Spieler, aufgrund des anhaltenden Interesses haben wir uns...
  12. Phaiak

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    kalarhan said:
    VC uses both systems for sea. Free travel (go anywhere with sea water), just like in land; on-rails travel (uses the bridge terrain to create a path on the water, but that is actually land).
    That is pretty much it. Let me elaborate a bit further on the "on-rails travel" on rt_bridge: it is just a "bait" for the AI. As soon as they touch the bait (rt_bridge) they will be transformed into a party that can perform free travel on the sea. So the AI expects it to be a "on-rails travel" as long as they are on land, but as soon as they are on water, nobody will use the rails. The rails are a illusion.
    The problem is that the party that takes the player captive does not adhere to the rails, but rather goes all over the place at it pleases them (it?) even on terrain that should be unpassable.
    passable terrains for a party with the pf_is_ship flag are: rt_water, rt_river and rt_bridge
    The party that takes the player captive does not need rt_bridge at all. rt_bridge is only the bait to get the land AI parties in the water.
  13. Phaiak

    Dev Blog 07/09/17

    Is there a ghost sitting at the end of the table?
  14. Phaiak

    Lands changing culture over time?

    The Anglo Spaniard said:
    I asked about this at pc gamer last year
    Ah... that was the last question with the annoying microphone, right?
  15. Phaiak

    Parting Ways!

    Best luck Frank, thanks for all you help in Viking Conquest!
  16. Phaiak

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    What Liwi said. Additionally:
    - "They (TW) will not voice-act the majority of the dialogues."
    - "(TW) is now a studio of 70 people"
    - He claims that each faction is using very different tactics on the battlefield
    - You can enable auto-block in SP
  17. Phaiak

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Gab-AG. said:
    1. If you're just finishing details, why letting press ONLY play those demos at E3, and not common people too?
    2. If most of the game is done (and playable apparently) and you're just finishing details, then why not a beta like previous games?
  18. Phaiak

    When is mount and blade gonna be on sale?

    Dex said:
    when is the next sale for mount and blade gonna be?
    Now on steam. Have fun!
  19. Phaiak

    Some Observations and Questions About the Dog Companion

    splarv said:
    Can I tame a brown dog? Or only a grey one?
    As far as I can remember I only enabled the grey dog for taming.
  20. Phaiak

    Official VC Screenshot-thread (new signature for forum added)




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