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  1. Highelfwarrior

    Some thoughts and critiques from a professional game developer and ex-modder of M&B/Warband.

    Just posted this over on the subreddit, I figured I would post here too! Managed to put in 34 hours on bannerlord SP and wanted to share some feedback and critiques as a game developer. I will focus only on SP as I havent given the public MP a go yet. For this feedback I figured I would do...
  2. Highelfwarrior

    We who are about to Die! Made by an old m&b modder - me!

    Hey taleworldians! It's me again! :) Modding M&B has been such an influence in my life I actually ended up working on a game - and it even has directional combat! Because its the best goddamn combat I ever played, so I didn't want to reinvent the wheel in that aspect. So I figure if you're here...
  3. Highelfwarrior

    Art Stuff on youtube! (digital painting & art tutorial series)

    Hey guys, I haven't posted here in forever! I realised I totally did not consider posting my series here :) Nowadays I'm a full time freelancer (I used to mod this game for the people who don't know me) and on the side I have a youtube series I'm doing about art in general. I start from...
  4. Highelfwarrior

    MOVED: COGlory's Basic Template Tool

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  5. Highelfwarrior

    MOVED: Utrehd Works

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  6. Highelfwarrior

    MOVED: Fawzia Mod Verifier - info and download link

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  7. Highelfwarrior

    MOVED: War for Calradia Conquest

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    MOVED: No Assumed Skill: Making and Implementing Your Own Animations with FREE Software

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  9. Highelfwarrior

    MOVED: Invasion mode Open Source scripts (Warband)

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  10. Highelfwarrior

    MOVED: Lions of Calradia (Recruiting)

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  11. Highelfwarrior

    3 new Warband olympic sports invented!

    Hail all, had a hell of a time today with OLL_narrator, Brand, Faradon etc. in a duel server, with as end result, two new sports invented! These are ****loads of fun, so here's a discription and ruleset if anyone wants to play these too. :) Calradian pit throwing The object here is to...
  12. Highelfwarrior

    [Suggestions, kinda] A criticising view on 660's new weapons

    Okay, I'll be the devils advocate of this new version and share my views on 660's new weapons. Lets start off with the new awlpike. The general complaint is that it's quite a bit too strong. I'd say a good solution would be to disable shields for it. Next off, the new Rhodok cleavers. Okay...
  13. Highelfwarrior

    My findings, bugs and suggestions.

    Just had a 15-30 minute play. Took some pen and paper with me, but I'll just start with my findings/notes/bugs/ideas so far: As I'm a student game development, I have studied psychology and gameplay strategies regarding game development, so I will add some non-bug suggestions as well. :) I'll...
  14. Highelfwarrior

    [BUG] Weird directX 9 render method graphics glitches

    I know there's been similar problems, but none exactly like mine afaik. Picture: The graphics glitches are quite random, though. Sometimes they don't show up for a while, sometimes they do. The picture...
  15. Highelfwarrior

    SP Tutorial Module System The Unofficial Video Tutorial Series - Coding. (2/x videos available!)(updated!)

    Hello and welcome! I've made a video tutorial series on modelling, texturing and UV-mapping. (basically all things graphics that has to do with M&B) but I've had loooaaadss of requests for more scripting like tutorials! Getting items in-game etc. So, here they are. :) This series is supposed to...
  16. Highelfwarrior

    Tripping without drugs. Post here what you can see with your eyes closed!

    Now I'm not sure how well known this is to people - but anyways. When I push in my eyes with my hands / put pressure on them (of course while closed) and I get the right ammount of pressure, I start seeying totally weird ****. (with my eyes closed) I used to do this a lot as a kid when I was...
  17. Highelfwarrior

    I'm now doing commissioned works! (3D-models for mods and digital paintings)

    As The Reb Baron cleverly noted, this might be a better place to put up my offer for the modders to find. Basically, most importantly for modders; I'm doing commissioned 3D-models, fully UV'd, fully textured. (items, weapons, anything...) for really low prices. Big model projects like cities or...
  18. Highelfwarrior

    Doing commissioned works! (digital paintings & 3D-models)

    Hail hail, I'm broke! There. I said it. :P I'm supposed to get a job this holiday, but it seems impossible to find anything. (I think it's because I'm a bit late, so every damn job I can do is taken around here) I need to get some extra moneys in order to be able to help pay for my college, so...
  19. Highelfwarrior

    I'm making a trebuchet.

    Second of 2 big projects at the end of high school. It doesn't shoot yet, it's not finished yet. (Almost) Unloaded it stands about 2 metres tall. Behold! :)
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