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  1. bishey

    a seen icon in the encyclopedia

    I think you misunderstood his point. If 100 lords are dead and a new one dies, it will be really hard to pick that new death out in the encyclopedia. He is hoping for something to differentiate new deaths. Maybe something like a small star icon on their portrait until you click on it in the encyclopedia.
  2. bishey

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    I've seen longer hotfix patch notes. Would love to see patches like these biweekly, rather than waiting a month. Even if the content is small
  3. bishey

    Future Plans

    Who the **** cares about extra cosmetic skins that will cost money? Don't ****ing buy it, problem solved. It's an established and non-gameplay breaking monetization model. A few 3D modelers working on skins is not going to detract from other developers. And all of this is still an ASSUMPTION.
  4. bishey

    Bannerlord 2 Coop is a must be !!!

    Who knows what the future might hold?
    Massive Bannerlord Co-op patch next week, confirmed.
  5. bishey

    Resolved Beta 1.5.10 Can't issue commands once enemy start to flee battle field.

    Yeah, UI being disabled seems like an unnecessary change. I like the idea of Tier 3 and below units mindlessly charging and the rest listening to orders.

    As a separate thing, I would also love to play around with my units to try out different formations. We don't really have a place to practice with our entire army. Would be kind of cool to have the option to load into a scene without any enemies and have our units listen to our commands. As for lore/flavor, we can say that we are doing drills.
  6. bishey

    Information about developments at snowballing problem

    5 days ago I wrote here about I will move this suggestion internal because I 100% agree and at same point with you. I posted your suggestion internal 2 days ago explained case in a long detailed text to avoid a possible reject with explaining why this feature is needed. However I could not get a reply yet. Some testers only replied and they approved game needs this feature.


    Then I wanted to show this is an easy issue and can be implemented without any risk or big work need. I spent 1 day and added this feature to game. It is currently working and enemy kingdoms make a peace voting inside and send us offers time to time. Here you can see a peace offer from player's enemy. So it is currently ready but yet I did not get any approve. If it is approved it can be at game at 1.6.2 (1.6.1 tests will be start soon, so low probability to reach it).

    Before click right icon

    After click right icon

    Of course in example they sent us an offer which our kingdom need to pay tribute but sometimes if player kingdom is in a good position at war this will be "enemy is ready to pay tribute to you". In above sample all other our clans are ok with paying 2540 denars. Thats why they make an inside voting with "if enemy pays 2540 denars are you ok for peace". If this peace voting accepted among enemy clans and all our kingdom clans are ok with paying 2540 denars icon appears at right and we give final decision. Normally you know currently a faction does not make inside peace voting if player is vassal at enemy kingdom so only way is player's kingdom to do inside voting for peace currently. This locks player's kingdom in long and everlasting wars currently in some cases.

    So next week I will try pushing this feature. We will see what will happen.
    No offense @mexxico but if I was a developer in your company and saw that post on Slack I would not read it :grin:. It's too long and doesn't have good formatting. Generally, I assume that my colleagues won't read a message if a single paragraph contains more than 4 sentences. I also try to convert those long texts into bullet point lists, which seems to increase the reading rate.
  7. bishey

    Could this AI behaviour be improved?

    I don't have a similar save file I'm afraid. Since this is on the TommyKay clip channel, I'm sure the actual gameplay took place days ago, if not weeks. I'm sure the save file is long overwritten.

    I don't think this is a massive issue because it's so rare but it doesn't look great for the AI. Your point about breaking sieges being costly makes sense but the army broke siege to go raid a village for 2 seconds before going back to their siege. You can see this by pausing the video when he hovers over the 400 strong army.

    If they can break siege to raid a village, they should probably break siege to help an ally army as well. Extending the detection range for allies currently fighting might be helpful and lore wise, we can assume the friendly armies send messengers to each other.
  8. bishey

    Could this AI behaviour be improved?

    I recently saw a short clip on YouTube. I know that TommyKay has been doing a recent Bannerlord play-through so I'm assuming the game branch is 1.5.9. Here we can observe a 800 strong Khuzait army chasing a 600 strong Sturgian army. Another 400 strong Sturgian army is sieging a city nearby...
  9. bishey

    POLL: Elected Fan Representatives in the TW Forums?

    I think this is overkill. The issue is not that there isn't enough suggestions or that the devs can't see those suggestions. The issue is how hard it is to convince TW about the necessity of a feature and what the scope of it's implementation should be.

    I don't know how final decisions are made in TW but it's clearly flawed. Most suggestions are either put on the end of a ever growing list or negotiated down to it's most simple form where it barely solves the original problem.
  10. bishey

    Bannerlord was a grift

    Request a refund. File a lawsuit. Majority of the EA has been spent developing new paid DLC's, they stated the game was nearly finished 'after' they whaled in 4 million copies sold.
    How? We saw one single elephant model with the name DLC, 15 months after release. But we had hundreds of patches with thousands of fixes and new features in them. Anybody who says Bannerlord hasn't improved since EA launch should be ignored because the amount of mental gymnastics required to reach that conclusion is baffling. You either lack simple cognitive skills or you are lying maliciously to further an agenda. Which is it?
  11. bishey

    Elephant DLC?

    Here is an idea. If you don't like this DLC, do not buy it. Vote with your wallet. But we don't even know the scope of this DLC, nor it's price. We also don't know it's release date. Maybe it will be released with the game after early access, for a few dollars. That would be fine in my opinion. It will be an optional part of a single player game and the game is going to be balanced without it.

    It will also give modders some new toys to play with. For example, Kingdoms of Arda might include war elephants. Only caveat would be that the players would need to own the DLC to play with that part of the mod. However, this is fairly common practice. Many mods require DLC packs to be owned by the player.
  12. bishey

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    My goal is not to "convince as many people as possible that this game is hopeless and it's destined to be a failure". Warband is my favorite game of all time. There is no benefit to me sinking the Bannerlord ship. My goal (and likely most others you're thinking of) is to convince TW to pull their heads out of their asses and steer the Bannerlord ship away from the iceberg it's headed towards. Being that a year of nice polite suggestions didn't do the job, more oomph in what we're saying is clearly needed.

    As I already said before, this is another patch and another month of not fixing the game's core issues. Another patch and another month of not adding anything to bring me back to the game. This is a big problem for a game that's supposed to have extreme longevity.
    I'm talking about comments like:
    • This patch is bad, there is not enough content in it.
    • Barely any new features have been added since the start of early access.
    • The game is dumbed down for consoles, it's bad.
    I don't see how these comments will "save" Bannerlord. Seems like they are very reductive and basically saying all work done by TaleWorlds in the last year is unsatisfactory. Obviously people have a right to criticize and vent their frustrations but I don't buy the idea that these are actually constructive criticisms.

    Bannerlord is already mostly complete. It isn't going to significantly change from this point on. New features, balance changes and QoL changes are still coming but the base game is already there. Let's not pretend that constantly complaining is going to change the development process. Making suggestions and providing constructive criticism does improve the product but even that is limited in scope. It's time to accept and either embrace the game or move on from it.
  13. bishey

    e1.6.0-e1.6.4 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes

    It probably would have been better for the community to see the changes before reacting rather than the inverse
    Ah yes, these forums are known for people that are patient and reserved when reacting to dev comments. I think it's in TaleWorld's best interest to highlight their work and show how they incorporate community feedback. Doing this in a timely manner is also important as it can stop a lot of negativity before it builds up.
  14. bishey

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    I think this is a decent patch. Probably not sizeable enough to earn the moniker of 1.6.0 but a lot of solid changes that improve the core experience. Working on DLC during early access is poor optics but it's probably common practice in the industry. People designing the elephant model were not working on the siege AI but I assume they could be working on new armor pieces and new scenes.

    However, there is something else to address. There are clearly some users here who are fed up with TaleWorlds and their development practices. That's an understandable position. But maybe don't dedicate so much of your free time to following this forum, to the point of participating in every thread and being one of the first people to comment. Most of these comments can be boiled down to "all patches bad, this game bad, TaleWorlds bad". Their goal seems to be to convince as many people as possible that this game is hopeless and it's destined to be a failure. Seems like a very negative mindset that has no benefit to anyone including the players and the devs.
  15. bishey

    e1.6.0-e1.6.4 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes

    @Dejan Do you think TaleWorlds suffered some unnecessary negative PR by being overly vague in the other thread? From what I see here, changes are pretty positive. Do you think there is something to learn from this experience? Instead of saying "Some internal modifiers were added and some were removed", would it have been better to say something like "Significant amounts of internal modifiers removed and a few were added?"
  16. bishey

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Mmm are you okay?
    Is it something bad to give a positive feedback in this forum?
    Yes, this forum is for complaining only. That's until a developer responds and then you will see a few positive replies. A few hours later, back to complaining. And you have to be as rude as possible. We don't want to miss an opportunity to tell the developers how much their game sucks even though we put in hundreds of hours into it.
  17. bishey

    Q4 2021? more like Q2 2022.

    The game doesn't have to be much more detailed than it is now. I'd rather have them release the game so that they can support the modders properly, without having to worry about early access. Let's be honest, most people here will not play this game vanilla and many of the vanilla mechanics are done better by mods.

    I think Q4 2021 would be enough to have the base game stable and in a reasonable state but realistically, TaleWorld's todo list is still way too long. I don't see them finishing it this year.
  18. bishey

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    I think it's going to be a massive undertaking after release to go over the entire code base, document it and make it modder friendly. TaleWorlds is prioritizing finishing their game which makes sense for them but sooner or later, they will have to pay all this tech debt.

    Developing total conversion mods during early access is a risky undertaking. A lot of your code might become unusable overnight. Yet, it would still be beneficial to the modders. As you write the code, you learn a lot and make important decisions. Even if your code becomes outdated, you will still retain the information.

    It's just an unfortunate reality of the situation. It feels like the Bannerlord dev team is understaffed and they just don't have the time to document or make the game moddable.
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